Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Neo Touch Series for Seamless Payments in Africa

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Yoco, an African tech firm providing payment tools, has partnered with MediaTek to launch the Yoco Neo Touch card machine series.

Powered by MediaTek’s Genio series of chipsets, these devices connect to 4G networks, ensuring fast speeds and unlimited data for seamless payment processing.

“At MediaTek, we recognize that small, owner-operated businesses play a vital role in African economies. But high monthly and transaction costs for card machines mean that they’re often excluded from formal payments infrastructure,” said Rami Osman, Director for Business Development, MediaTek Middle East and Africa

“Our platforms enable innovators like Yoco to come to market rapidly with solutions for small merchants that meet customers’ demands for seamless payment experiences. This boosts financial inclusion by helping small merchants decrease their reliance on cash, enabling them to improve cash flow management and compete with large retailers on a more even footing.”

Priced at R899, the Yoco Neo Touch supports tap, chip, pin, and mobile payments, processing transactions in under three seconds. With an all-day battery life, user-friendly touchscreen, and out-of-the-box payment acceptance, it aims to enhance payment experiences for small businesses, addressing challenges like high costs and improving financial inclusion.

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