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Cisco launches new business performance insight and visibility for modern applications on AWS

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Cisco recently shared new business metrics in Cisco Cloud Observability, powered by the Cisco Observability Platform to enhance business context for modern applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This latest release also supports integration with AWS services and application performance monitoring (APM) correlation and provides end-to-end visibility into the performance of cloud native applications.

Innovation in Full-Stack Observability

Traditional application monitoring tools only provide visibility of application and infrastructure performance metrics.

This leaves teams— including ITOps, DevOps and SREs— managing modern applications without clear sight into the relationship between application performance and critical business KPIs such as customer conversion rates and real-time impact on business revenue.

Cisco’s latest innovations in full-stack observability deliver teams with the enhanced business context they need to manage modern applications and protect revenue, customer experiences and brand reputation, bridging the gap between business goals and IT.

This new capability empowers users with:

  • Support for multiple business metrics within a business transaction.
  • Easy identification of business transactions configured with business metrics for troubleshooting.
  • User-friendly configuration interface that enables users to preview business transaction attributes for accuracy and set up mission-critical metric alerts.
  • Advanced KPI visualization including baseline performance and a historical analysis trend line, to easily identify when business performance is abnormal.
  • Data segmentation by selected attribute values for quick visibility of customer segments being affected most.

For Cisco customers such as Royal Caribbean, these insights are critical. “With Cisco Full-Stack Observability, we’ve gone from reactive to proactive. Cisco Cloud Observability will allow us to visualise and correlate metrics, events, logging, and tracing (MELT) data so we can identify, triage, and troubleshoot problems at an even greater velocity,” said Alice McElroy, Director, IT Operational Excellence, Royal Caribbean.

AWS Lambda Function as An Entity within Cisco Cloud

Supporting integration with more AWS services, DevOps teams can also now observe AWS Lambda functions as an entity within Cisco Cloud Observability APM pages, helping them to understand the functions’ contribution to an application, correlate their performance to overall user experience and quickly troubleshoot unexpected behaviour.

“By elevating business metrics to first-class status, similar to other performance-related metrics, we enable organisations to mature their observability practice by empowering technical teams to prioritise technical issues that are aligned with business outcomes,” said Ronak Desai, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cisco AppDynamics and Full-Stack Observability.

Support for 10 Additional AWS Services

Cisco also announced support for 10 additional AWS services that are now pre-integrated with Cisco Cloud Observability.

By tying together applications, business transactions, business metrics and expanded support for AWS infrastructure services, application owners can gain deep cross-domain visibility across the full stack.

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