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Social Media Frenzy on Chris Brown’s ‘Shooter’ Featuring South Africa’s Naledi Aphiwe

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Chris Brown, the American R&B superstar, recently released his new album 11:11, which features a track called ‘Shooter’ that samples a video of a South African schoolgirl singing in her classroom. The girl, Naledi Aphiwe, is credited as one of the writers of the song and has received recognition and praise from the international star.

The song and the video have gone viral which created a whole buzz on social media platforms where users have expressed their opinions and emotions about the collaboration.


Many users expressed happiness and pride for Naledi Aphiwe, congratulating her on being featured. They said that she deserved the opportunity and exposure and that she represented the talent and potential of South Africa.

User @LindiweMabuza tweeted: “Wow, this is incredible! Naledi Aphiwe has such a beautiful voice and she is so talented. I’m so happy for her and proud of her. She is a star and she is putting SA on the map. Well done, girl! chris-brown-credits-sa-student-Naledi-aphiwe-on-his-new-song-shooter/

Chris Brown’s appreciation and respect for Naledi Aphiwe and her culture surprised and impressed some users. They said that he was genuine and humble and that he showed love and support for African music and vibes. They also praised him for giving credit and recognition to Naledi Aphiwe, and for not exploiting or appropriating her.

For example, user @ThaboMoloi wrote: “Chris Brown is a real one. Naledi Aphiwe’s video was seen by him, and her voice blew him away. He didn’t just use her clip without permission or acknowledgment but also credited her as a writer and he even learned some Zulu words. What a legend who respects Africa.”

The song and video have sparked diverse debates on social media, reflecting contrasting views on Chris Brown and his music. Whether people love or hate the song, one thing is certain: Naledi Aphiwe has made a mark on the world with her voice and her spirit.

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