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Meet Chatbot Coach Vici: Transforming Employee Personal Development

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South African AI chatbot, Coach Vici is changing coaching and personal development. The innovative coaching method is assisting thousands of employees and ultimately the way that many businesses and individuals set goals, develop skills, and empower teams, all in real-time.

Coach Vici the Chatbot, is a combination of theoretically sound, practically proven coaching frameworks, models and tools powered by AI to provide natural language, and intelligent coaching interaction, all from a mobile phone.

Developed by Experts to Provide Real-Time Support

The coaching chatbot was developed by Dr Nicky Terblanche, Senior Lecturer in Leadership Coaching at Stellenbosch Business School. Since the chatbot’s launch in 2020 it has continued to evolve, becoming more intuitive and capable of offering real-time support, personalised coaching, and data-driven insights to thousands of users simultaneously.

The chatbot’s features were all developed with evidence based features and an accumulation of extensive research conducted by PhD and Masters’ level students who continue to update the model.

AI for Personal Development

The software application powered by AI, is able to interact with users conversationally. The bot is designed to assist and guide individuals with personal development, professional growth, and business success. In providing personalist real-time support and coaching with data-driven insights, the chatbot serves as a highly intelligent personal development coach.

One of the tasks that the Coach Vici is most effective in carrying out is her ability to guide and help people set and achieve their goals in a personal or career capacity. The chatbot’s interfaces backend generates data enabling organisations to draw reports that highlight specific and recommendations for improvements.

Measuring Participants’ Emotional State and Monitoring Progress

The fully-functional B2B chatbot’s interface reporting backend generates multiple data enabling organisations to draw reports that highlight specific insights and recommendations for improvements.

The chatbot is also trained to measure participants’ emotional state, and can track motivation levels over time. If intervention is needed it can raise red flag to determine whether a healthier or more productive work environment is required.

Seamlessly Integrate with Existing HR Resources

The organisation can also customise Coach Vici and use it to enhance already existing HR and support resources and can be seamlessly integrated into in-house consultative coaching programmes, leadership development initiatives and performance management processes. Coach Vici couches through asking questions, making suggestions and following up to ensure that the individual stays on track.

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