Thursday, February 22, 2024
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How can AI help drive enterprise sustainability initiatives?

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The business world remains defined by disruption and evolution, with a current focus on generative AI, deemed a ‘new era’ in every industry. While technology has always progressed rapidly, AI’s pace of change appears to be accelerating it.

Thankfully, many organizations maintain a focus on sustainability missions, leveraging data collection, organization, and activation for insightful decision-making. AI has the potential to elevate these efforts by democratizing access to collective intelligence, addressing common problems, and empowering individuals with previously siloed knowledge.

AI holds promise for sustainability through predictive analytics, data aggregation, and collaboration. For example, in managing the global water crisis, AI-infused analytics can better predict shortfalls and guide necessary adaptations. Removing data silos is crucial for impactful progress, and democratizing data access is essential for collaborative efforts in tackling complex challenges.

Creating advanced processes for data sharing across sectors can redefine data as a ‘digital public good,’ facilitating impactful models for anonymized sharing. Collaborative intelligence, where humans complement AI in creativity, leadership, teamwork, speed, and scalability, is necessary for success.

As AI use cases expand, research in areas like using analytics and AI to fuse disparate data sets shows promise. The collaborative and constructive use of AI and data globally provides an opportunity for more significant and broader change than ever before.

By Julie Kae, VP of Sustainability and DE&I, Executive Director of


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