Futurelect launches Civic Education learning platform for South Africans

A non-profit, non-partisan organization Futurelect, which focuses on promoting leadership development and active citizenship, is proud to unveil its ground-breaking Civic Education Programme, on a free and innovative online platform designed to engage  South Africans to be more active in their participation in democracy.

Gamified and digestible online experience

The Civic Education learning platform offers a gamified and easily digestible online experience, transforming the often complex world of democracy into a fun and engaging journey. By providing essential information about democratic South Africa, elections, and the importance of active citizen participation, the program aims to bridge the knowledge gap that has hindered the potential of South Africans to effect change through democratic channels.

Micro-Learning Experience

Designed as a micro-learning experience, the online program allows users to learn on the go. Consisting of a two-part curriculum, the program is broken down into short lessons that feature 3 to 5-minute, easy-to-follow educational videos, followed by a brief 4-5 question quiz to test the user’s knowledge.

The educational content itself has been meticulously developed and curated by leading political scientists and thinkers, under the guidance of Futurelect Director of Programmes, Dr. Sithembile Mbete.

The Feeling of Dis-empowerment Addressed

“Many in South Africa feel disempowered and detached from the political systems governing the nation. At Futurelect we want to change that. In particular, we want young people to see the enormous potential of politics as a positive force for change,” says Dr. Mbete.

Targeting Media Outlets and Educational Institutions

Besides educating the general public, the platform also targets pivotal institutions shaping society, including media outlets and educational institutions. To aid, the online content will soon be accessible offline, ensuring knowledge for those without smartphones or data.

Train the Trainer

Educators and professionals are also encouraged to embrace a “train the trainer” approach, using the platform in their own syllabus and curriculum by incorporating the learning objectives and processes into their teaching and learning engagements. Upon successful completion of the courses and program, users will receive a certificate of completion.

The Connection Between Civic Education and Democratic Participation

Civic Education is critical to dispelling misinformation and addressing the lack of information that often leads to voter apathy and low democratic participation rates. Futurelect’s online platform addresses this by providing users with actionable knowledge — making it the only platform that offers civic education material directly related to improving the outcomes of honest, free, and open elections.

The platform features functions that allow users to find their local ward councillor, discover voter registration dates, and access the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) website to register and vote.

“At the heart of all Futurelect initiatives is the belief that knowledge is power, and a knowledgeable nation is a powerful one. Ensuring regular, free, and fair elections is one of the cornerstones of democracy.

“By using this learning platform, every South African can gain clarity on what to expect from the politicians they elect, and how they can contribute to the better functioning of our democracy. Democracy only works when citizens work too,” says Lindiwe Mazibuko, CEO and Founder of Futurelect.