5 Interesting Healthcare Apps Developed in Africa

In today’s digital world, mobile applications are making life convenient, for businesses and people. The popular saying, ‘There’s an app for that’, truly does not fall short of its intent, there really is an app for just about everything.

Some are dynamic and useful, while others may only consume storage space and could have been left untried. Some apps are applauded for enabling businesses to streamline systems, which otherwise may have been more complex, or enhance existing services.

When it comes to wellness, having access to real-time data, and information gives you more control over your well-being to a certain extent and can improve your quality of life. In the African context, where healthcare services are sometimes difficult and nearly impossible to access for many, the development of healthcare apps allows patients and healthcare seekers to access services remotely. According to statistics, Africa carries 24% of the world’s health burden.

Here is a list of 5 interesting healthcare mobile applications that you may or may not have heard about:

1. Hello Doctor: 

Hello Doctor is a mobile healthcare app, developed in South Africa. It is a popular mobile healthcare app and is available in 10 different countries. The app gives patients access to affordable, and personalized healthcare.

Although there is a small subscription fee required to access the app’s features, it is like having a mobile doctor on hand 24/7 as all of the doctors accessed through the application are registered medical professionals. After downloading the app and subscribing, users can connect with a doctor at any time with a text message or phone call.

There is generally a 1 hour response time for all requests. The app also has a symptom checker through which patients can record their concerns, and are then provided with a list of potential diagnosis

2. Pelebox: 

Pelebox, another app developed in South Africa, manages smart lockers that dispense refills of prescriptions to patients. With this app, patients do not have to wait long hours to retrieve their prescriptions.

The app works by enrolling the patient into a local clinic’s collection program, the prescription is then issued and the medication is placed into a locker that can be accessed by the patient. The patient then receives a one-time PIN via a text message.

The patient can then enter their mobile phone number and PIN at the self-service interface and retrieve their prescriptions from the locker. The lockers are set up by the company in various locations across the country.

3. MedAfrica:

MedAfrica is a product of Shimba Mobile and is one of the most popular apps developed in Kenya. The app garnered more than 70,000 users in its first four months. Free to use and works on any operating system.

It is an all-in-one healthcare app with various features like a directory of certified doctors and hospitals and their locations. It also has a symptom checker available to its users so that they can decide whether they’d like to pursue further medical advice or treatment.

4. Panda: 

Panda is a user-friendly mobile app available to iOS users, developed in South Africa. Tailored content, assessments, one-on-one therapy, and anonymous group sessions cover topics from anxiety to depression, fostering comprehensive learning. The app offers care packages for individuals, employees, and insurers.

5. Obuntu: 

Developed by IT entrepreneur Pieter Oosthuizen, Obuntu is an online support group fostering mental health and self-awareness through shared conversations. The developer’s sister’s battle with anxiety and depression inspired the platform-based service, not yet available as an app.