UBER Eats Tackles SA’s Energy Crisis Head On

Online food ordering and delivery platform, Uber Eats, and mobile rental network, Adoozy Power, have partnered up to enable South Africans to rent power banks and have them delivered to their doorstep. Facilitated by Uber Direct, which is Uber Eats’ last-mile white-label delivery solution, the process aims to solve power problems for citizens.

Adoozy Collect In-App Feature

With the ‘Adoozy Collect’ in-app feature, any consumer in need of power to charge their smartphone, and even other devices like air pods, can place an order through the app, and a power bank will be delivered by an Uber Direct driver within 30-40 minutes. The user can then make a request for the return of the power bank within 24 hours, and a driver will collect it.

The collaboration comes at a time when persistent load shedding continues to interrupt citizens’ ability to stay connected and use their devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. “As we all know, power is an ongoing problem in the country. People are always scrambling around at the last minute trying to charge a million devices before load shedding, because simply put, they cannot live without them. But this partnership goes beyond just being able to help during power cuts, it also speaks to modern consumers wanting on-demand convenience,” says Kegan Peffer, CEO of Adoozy Power.

Convenience Drives ‘Click and Deliver’ Culture

With convenience at the fore of their offering, the mobile power provider says that their existing user data has shown a steady demand for a ‘bring-it-to-me’ level of service, which fuelled the company’s need to innovate further.

Our current customer is renting a power bank while they are out at a work function or a meeting while dining at a restaurant or attending events, but they don’t always have the time to locate a power tower or want to have to worry about returning the power bank the next day. So, the Adoozy Collect service now offers even more convenience and value, especially since users can have the power banks delivered to them wherever they are,” says Peffer.

Zonke Mthethwa, Lead of Uber Direct SA says “The Uber Direct solution is aimed at driving the convenience use case for consumers, and we look forward to the impact our partnership with Adoozy Power will have in solving a real day-to-day need for South Africans. Through our partnership, we will be offering a quick and efficient solution that will provide consumers with power, when they need it”.

 Solving Real Problems for South Africans

Battery anxiety affects people the world over, but for South Africans, having a charged phone can be a much-needed layer of safety. In a survey conducted by Adoozy last year with young South Africans, almost 60% reported that if they are left without their phone, they feel anxious, unsafe, and vulnerable. And with frequent power cuts, this anxiety is only exacerbated.

Harnessing the power of technology to help solve real issues is a real plus for us. Of course, people need their devices to work and for entertainment, but the fact that service like this one can also help keep people safe, is the cherry on top,” says Peffer.