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Social Media’s Take on the President’s Addressing

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On the night of October 30, 2023, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the nation, delivering an unexpected announcement: December 15, 2023, would be designated as a public holiday dedicated to celebrating hope and unity within the country.

The president elucidated that this specific date was chosen to commemorate the remarkable achievements of the Springboks, who had triumphed in the Rugby World Cup the previous Saturday. Furthermore, he lauded South African athletes from various fields for their outstanding accomplishments.

The president aspired to celebrate these achievements with all South Africans, aiming to instill a sense of hope and unity throughout the nation. Additionally, he hoped that this holiday would serve as a moment for introspection and action.

He carefully postponed the holiday to avoid disrupting ongoing matric exams that began on the same Monday.

The president’s announcement triggered a wide spectrum of responses on social media platforms, ranging from…

 Positive Reactions:
Numerous individuals expressed their delight and enthusiasm for the president’s announcement. They extended their thanks for his generosity and leadership, and they felt a sense of pride in the Springboks and other South African athletes. They eagerly anticipated spending the holiday with family and friends during the festive season. For example, user @LeratoMoloi tweeted, “Thank you, Mr. President, for this wonderful gift. You are a true leader, a man of your word. We are so proud of our Springboks and our country. We can’t wait to celebrate on December 15.”

Skeptical and Critical Reactions:
Some individuals adopted a skeptical and critical perspective on the president’s announcement. They questioned his motives, and @SiphoNkosi tweeted: “This is a joke, right? A public holiday for rugby? What about the millions of people who are suffering and struggling every day? What about the corruption and looting that is destroying our country? This is just a cheap stunt to gain popularity.”

 Indifferent or Annoyed Reactions:
A segment of the population appeared indifferent or annoyed by the president’s announcement. They lacked enthusiasm for rugby and a public holiday, @NomsaMahlangu tweeted: “I don’t care about rugby or a public holiday. Rugby is a sport for the privileged few who don’t care about the rest of us. A public holiday is just another day of hardship and misery for me. I would rather work or study than celebrate something that has nothing to do with me.”


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