Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Ericsson Empowers 5G Networks with Innovative Launch

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Ericsson launched a new software toolkit aimed at enhancing 5G Standalone network capabilities and enabling premium services with differentiated connectivity.

This portfolio enhancement is a response to the growing demand for network capacity and performance driven by new use cases and increasing expectations for the quality of the 5G experience.

The toolkit is designed for communication service providers (CSPs) to meet high requirements in terms of throughput, reliability, and latency for various use cases, including mobile cloud gaming, video conferencing, live broadcasting, remote-controlled machines/vehicles, public safety services, and future XR applications.

The rapid speeds, consistently low latency, and increased bandwidth of 5G make it an enabler for experience-focused use cases. However, the expansion of diverse and advanced use cases demands more from the network in terms of delivering differentiated performance levels. This necessitates a shift away from a one-size-fits-all approach to wireless connectivity.

Sibel Tombaz, Head of Product Line 5G RAN at Ericsson, explains, “Ericsson is at the forefront of global 5G network leadership, extending connectivity to all corners of the world. We’re reshaping connectivity and facilitating a seamless transition from ‘best-effort’ mobile broadband to premium experiences with service-level agreements. Our new innovative software toolkit empowers our customers to unlock advanced 5G applications through differentiated connectivity. This not only guarantees on-demand service excellence but also propels us toward our vision of networks as a platform.”

According to the latest Ericsson ConsumerLab report, 20 percent of smartphone users are seeking differentiated 5G connectivity. They are willing to pay up to an 11 percent premium for a 5G plan that ensures elevated network performance.

Ericsson’s software toolkit offers advanced features for Massive MIMO, Advanced RAN Slicing, Time-Critical Communication, and 5G Core, supporting a three-pronged approach to creating a network platform that transforms performance into loyalty, value, and growth:

1. Ensuring superior performance for mobile broadband services.
2. Offering differentiated experiences for new and advanced consumer and enterprise use cases.
3. Creating programmable network performance on-demand through network APIs.

Changsoon Choi, Vice President of Network Service Differentiation and Convergence at Deutsche Telekom, expressed support for Ericsson’s innovations, while Patrick Filkins, Research Manager at IDC, highlighted the significance of these tools for empowering CSPs to offer premium services with differentiated 5G connectivity.

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