Friday, July 12, 2024
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Wits Launches New PG Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) announced its Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The diploma aims for graduates and third-year students in engineering, science, and health sciences to become catalysts for business ownership and job creation. You can apply for the PG Dip in Innovation and Entrepreneurship before 30 September 2023.

Future of the Job Creators

Professor Christo Doherty, the course coordinator says: “We particularly encourage candidates who are contemplating pursuing a Master’s or PhD in any of these fields, so they can embark on advanced degrees armed with the knowledge of how to commercialize their research.

Graduates of this programme will have a wealth of career opportunities. Equipped with the aptitude and mindset for innovation and creation, they represent the future generation of entrepreneurs and job creators. They will not merely seek jobs; they will create them.”

Bridging the Gap Between Academic Research and Real-world Innovation

The programme was developed and is led by the Wits Innovation Centre, and will bridge the gap between academic research and real-world innovation. It will empower students to translate their research into tangible solutions that drive meaningful change in society.

Fast-Tracking into the World as Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The Diploma seeks to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of young scientists and engineers to ensure that their research outcomes do not languish on dusty shelves but ignite the flames of practical application. Professor Nithaya Chetty, the Dean of the Wits Faculty of Science says:

“South African universities must now give attention to both discovery research and innovation. This is a novel diploma that will combine collaborative teaching and learning to fast-track researchers into careers as innovators and entrepreneurs”.

Covering Critical Core Business Subjects

The PGDip in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a multi-faculty initiative characterized by a hands-on approach, with a year-long research project at its core. Students will collaborate closely with an interdisciplinary team of lecturers, gaining invaluable insights and guidance throughout their journey. Everything you need to know about the program can be found on the Wits innovation webpage.

The curriculum covers critical subjects such as The Fundamentals of Business for Innovators, Innovation and the Commercialization of Research, Creating Ventures for Innovators, and Applying Design Thinking to Innovation.

The goal: Fast-track students’ research into impactful, market-ready solutions.

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