Hot Cup of Coffee? Nespresso South Africa Welcomes New CEO

Nespresso South Africa is delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Gabriel Nobre as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Mr. Nobre holds a Postgraduate Degree in Business Administration and an MBA in Digital Business. He has been a part of the Nestlé Group since 2005, where he has held various positions across multiple business units and corporate functions.

With his extensive background in Finance and Control (F&C) as well as Commercial, coupled with his drive to effect positive change and his practical approach, Mr. Nobre is eager to propel the growth of Nespresso South Africa.

He aims to double its current market position within the next five years, introducing new stores and enhancing customer touchpoints. “We are enthusiastic about introducing innovative coffee machines and crafting new tailored coffee offerings to surprise and delight our customers,” he affirms.

Mr. Nobre also recognizes a significant opportunity to increase the recycling rate of capsules in South Africa, surpassing the current 50%, which already exceeds the global average by 18%.