Joshua Mills Takes the Helm as Talent Manager at Dariel Software

The rapid growth and expansion of Dariel Software’s operations in Gauteng and the Western Cape have prompted the appointment of Joshua Mills as a dedicated Talent Manager.

His mission is to assist the company in attracting and retaining the best talent within the ICT sector.

“The digital skills gap in South Africa makes it imperative for companies like Dariel, who are leaders in the field, to identify and nurture talent, ensuring a skills pipeline runs through the company’s structures,” says Mills.

In organizations like Dariel, which prioritize employee growth and development, the role of a talent manager has become pivotal. Mills drives employee growth, fostering personal and organizational development.

Mills emphasizes the need for balancing soft and technical skills in today’s fast-changing work landscape. “Growing the leaders of tomorrow starts with investing in entry-level talent and fostering a culture of learning,” he emphasizes. “Emotional intelligence, adaptability, and forward-thinking are as important as technical skills, so we need to upskill staff in both areas.”

Mills has already begun collaborating with Dariel’s employees to gauge engagement levels and career expectations. When identifying ‘top performers’ destined for leadership roles within the company, he emphasizes the need to take a holistic view, not solely focusing on technical knowledge. “Considering communication skills, commitment, and the ability to collaborate with others are equally important factors,” he states.

Ensuring that employees feel valued is a critical component of a company’s talent retention program. One of Mills’ and Dariel’s strategies for leadership development is to pair senior management with more junior employees, guiding them on the path to career growth and monitoring their journey together.

“Instilling belief in one’s future with an organization makes all the difference in employee engagement. When employees feel valued, they reciprocate with commitment and enhanced work output,” Mills asserts.

Greg Vercellotti, Dariel’s Executive Director, underscores the significance of their investment in people, comparable to their investment in technology and software development. He expresses excitement about the fresh perspectives on talent management that Joshua brings to the company, citing his wealth of experience and progressive ideas.