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How to Keep Your Internet on During Loadshedding

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That great black Friday deal was once something to get excited about, nowadays having the lights come on has got you jumping for joy. Whilst many have taken an alternative route to secure their power supply, some of us are braving it out through the dark and making the most of candle lit dinners.

Unfortunately, in a world where technology has become an integral part of daily life, and often more essential than money – sitting in the dark isn’t always the best option. Another question to ask is what do you on a weekend with between four to six hours of loadshedding – the best answer would probably be, “Watch a movie on my smart tv” or “Browse through Tiktok and watch some funny video’s”, forgetting that without internet none of these options are possible.

Luckily, its easy to keep the Wi-fi on during loadshedding. Vodacom enlightens us with a few tips on how to stay connected to the Wi-fi when the electricity is down:

Attach an Uninterruptible Power Supply to your Router

Attaching an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to your router will keep your fibre, 5G or LTE internet running for several hours during the event of loadshedding. They are available to purchase at major electronics stores, and can even be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. Afrihost shares five of their best UPS picks that you can purchase for your home.

Chose the Best UPS

Internet service providers (ISP) may also have UPS options for you to chose from. It is a common misconception that a UPS is unaffordable or difficult to set up. Internet service providers will know what UPS to recommend that is compatible with your specific router.

Choosing the right UPS should not be done in haste.  It is best to take time in asking questions and exploring options before determining which one will be the best for your router.

Make Sure the Voltage Number is Compatible with your Router

Electronics retailers will also be able to determine the UPS units that support your router’s voltage (9V or 12V). Its critical to know the right voltage. Having a UPS with the wrong voltage will damage your equipment.

In order to determine the voltage yourself, you can check the back of your router for the number of units. You can then compare this number with the capacity of the UPS.

Some UPS models give their capacity in watt hours (Wh). This is how many watts the UPS provides in an hour. A 20Wh model will give you 20W of power for an hour. While a 100Wh model will provide 20W for five hours (100 ÷ 20 = 5).

Determine the Wattage that Your Home Internet Equipment Needs

According to Vodacom, most home internet equipment needs between 20-30W, a UPS with 100Wh (OR 8800mAh) will get you through two to four hours of load-shedding. Plug the UPS between your outlet and the equipment – it will then immediately kick in whenever the power goes does down.

Keep it Simple and Affordable

A UPS does not need to cost a fortune. A small UPS recommended by Vodacom’s ISP or local electronic stores can be an affordable and cost effective to keep you connected without electricity.

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