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New Cyber Security Features Protecting Users’ Crypto Assets

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Kaspersky, a leading cybersecurity company, has introduced new crypto protection features in its consumer product line, including Kaspersky Standard, Kaspersky Plus, and Kaspersky Premium.

These features are designed to cater to the specific needs of cryptocurrency users and offer defense against cryptoscam fraud, cryptojacking, and enhanced protection of crypto wallet credentials.

Growing Threat to Cryptocurrency Users

Cryptocurrency users have become attractive targets for cybercriminals seeking access to their money and personal data.

Cryptocurrency phishing has seen a significant rise, with a 40% year-on-year growth, recording 5,040,520 detections of crypto phishing in 2022 compared to 3,596,437 in 2021.

Cryptoscam and Fraud Protection

Kaspersky’s cryptoscams and fraud protection shields users from various scams and fraudulent websites masquerading as genuine crypto sources.

It aims to prevent users from falling victim to schemes that trick them into sharing personal or financial data related to their crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies. If faced with a cryptoscam, the website is blocked, and the user receives a notification.

Cryptojacking Protection

The second essential feature, cryptojacking protection, defends users against unauthorized usage of their PC computing power for cryptocurrency mining.

This feature also prevents performance degradation and unnecessary electricity consumption.

Kaspersky’s behavior-based detection technology identifies and protects devices from unauthorized crypto mining. Users are promptly notified upon detection of cryptojacking behavior.

Crypto Wallet Credentials Security

Kaspersky’s crypto wallet credentials security features aim to protect two critical types of data: account passwords and seed phrases. Losing access to this data can result in the loss of all assets in the wallet. Key features include:

  • Password Safety Status: Warns users if their crypto passwords have been leaked online or are easily crackable.
  • Identity Protection Wallet: Safely stores sensitive data in an encrypted vault accessible only by the user on any of their devices, using AES-256-bit encryption algorithms.
  • Secret Vault: Converts sensitive information like crypto credentials into an unreadable format and protects it with a password on the device’s hard drive.

Reliable Anti-Virus and VPN

In addition to crypto-specific features, Kaspersky’s plans also offer essential anti-virus and VPN security.

These features protect against common cybersecurity threats like viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware, which pose significant risks to cryptocurrency owners.

Fast and Unlimited VPN

Kaspersky’s VPN ensures high levels of personal data and connection protection. It is the fastest product in terms of performance speed, allowing users to download files or watch movies with no ping or traffic loss.

Supporting the Crypto Community

With the global crypto population reaching 300 million users in 2022, Kaspersky recognizes the growing concerns and exposure to crypto crime among blockchain users.

The addition of specialized crypto protection features to their portfolio is aimed at enabling customers to work with cryptocurrencies without cybersecurity risks to their money and personal data.

Kaspersky’s new crypto protection features cater to the specific needs of cryptocurrency users, offering defense against fraud, cryptojacking, and enhanced protection for wallet credentials.

With the growing threat to cryptocurrency users, Kaspersky’s commitment to supporting the crypto community ensures safer and more secure crypto transactions and activities.

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