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Flapmax Partners Intel: Driving AI Innovation in Africa

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Flapmax, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) company, has recently announced a strategic partnership with Intel, a global technology leader. The main objective of this alliance is to drive AI innovation and foster economic empowerment in Africa.

Empowering Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

Through their collaborative efforts, they intend to provide technology access, training, mentorship, and funding opportunities to entrepreneurs in emerging markets, with a particular focus on Africa, through the FAST Accelerator program.

The program aids startups in developing cloud-based, AI-enabled products, benefiting Africa’s communities, companies, and governments.

Dr. Dave Ojika’s Excitement and Commitment to Social Impact

Dr. Dave Ojika, the Founder and CEO of Flapmax, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Flapmax has been working with Intel to develop sustainable digital solutions that enhance AI accessibility in underserved communities.

We are thrilled to build on this momentum with the FAST Accelerator program. Bridging the knowledge gap in technological advancement is crucial for creating a significant social impact.

Flapmax, with Intel’s partnership, introduces cutting-edge tech like generative AI, robotics, and deep tech to underserved regions.”

The Synergy of Flapmax, Microsoft, and Intel: FAST Accelerator Program

FAST Accelerator is the result of Flapmax’s collaboration with Microsoft, combining business development, AI integration, funding, and community-building opportunities. The program aims to enable startups to scale rapidly and sustainably.

The inaugural program attracted applications from over 800 startups across 25+ countries. The program fosters connections with experts, investors, and global partners through Flapmax’s dynamic ecosystem of 600+ corporate partners.

Michael Campbell, General Manager of the Education Client Division at Intel Corporation, highlighted the alignment between Intel’s mission and Flapmax’s vision.

He stated, “Intel’s mission to shape the future of computing and enable a more intelligent, connected, and productive world aligns perfectly with Flapmax’s vision to bring AI technology to all aspects of life, inclusive of underserved populations in Africa and other emerging markets.

The partnership with Flapmax will significantly accelerate AI adoption in these communities, driving scalable business growth, optimized operations, and contributing to a more sustainable world.”

Participating startups will have the opportunity to closely collaborate with Intel through extensive mentorship and coaching. Support includes co-innovation, sales & marketing aid, and go-to-market enablement, expanding startups’ reach. Flapmax’s team supports startups with Intel-optimized AI solutions, scaling, and fine-tuning models on Microsoft Azure.

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