Axiz and Pure Storage Forge Partnership for Expanded Reach

Axiz, a prominent technology solutions provider, enthusiastically announces its strategic collaboration with Pure Storage, a distinguished IT firm specializing in advanced data storage technology and services.

This partnership harnesses Axiz’s extensive market presence and Pure Storage’s established legacy within the country, effectively expanding its reach and customer base in the local market. Axiz is now distributing Pure’s entire portfolio, including FlashArray, FlashBlade, Portworx, Pure Cloud Block Store, and FusionTM, all through the Pure Storage Evergreen subscription model.

Pure Storage boasts a longstanding reputation as a provider of data management and storage solutions in the country. Partnering with Axiz, Pure Storage leverages its market presence and customer relationships to extend its reach and cater to diverse customers.

This strategic move holds particular significance within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, with a focus on South Africa, Mauritius, and Mozambique. “Our collaboration with Pure Storage marks a significant stride toward our mission of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to the local market,” stated Terence Barter, Head of Product at Axiz. “By combining our market presence with Pure Storage’s expertise, we can jointly cater to a wider spectrum of customers across diverse industries to fulfill their data requirements.”

Terence sees Axiz’s vast network and Pure Storage’s high-performance solutions as offering an appealing value proposition for reliable infrastructure.

“We are enthusiastic about the growth opportunities and market share this partnership opens up,” affirmed Anthony da Silva, the country manager at Pure Storage. “As a 100% channel-focused entity, our partners play a pivotal role in nurturing successful customer relationships. Collaborating with Axiz allows us to expand our presence across the region and serve a broader customer base.

Our offerings encompass all-flash data platforms, which can be seamlessly integrated, enabling customers to reduce infrastructure management complexity, harness the potential of their data, and achieve sustainability goals by curbing energy consumption.”