Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Modulus Introduces Innovative Borrowing and Lending Technology

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Modulus, a renowned US-based developer known for its ultra-high-performance trading and surveillance technology, has announced the introduction of its crypto lending and borrowing technologies. These innovative solutions will be made available to all clients of Modulus’ white-label exchange by the end of the quarter.

Empowering Traders with Interest Earnings

The new technology allows exchanges to offer traders the opportunity to earn interest on their tokens by lending them to the exchange, which will, in turn, lend them to qualified borrowers.

Richard Gardner, CEO of Modulus, emphasizes the significance of integrating these technologies into their solution. He states, “The implementation of these technologies into our solution will keep it on the cutting edge of exchange technology. We aim to give exchange operators all the tools they need to succeed.

This creates yet another income stream available to them, and it will make them more competitive when soliciting trading clients.”

Exchanges as Cryptocurrency Banks

Gardner explains that this development effectively enables exchanges to function as cryptocurrency banks. Some traders will lend their tokens to the exchange in exchange for interest payments, while others will approach the exchange for loans.

Years of Technological Advancement

The development of these technologies has been underway for the past year, with a strong focus on creating a secure and technologically advanced solution.

Gardner emphasizes that Modulus’ technology is highly scalable, capable of accommodating exchanges of any size and handling high volumes of traffic.

Sustainable Solutions for the Long Run

Modulus prioritizes long-term viability over quick market entry, aiming to provide solutions that can effectively serve exchanges without compromising on quality or technology standards.

Gardner assures that the newly upgraded technology will outperform existing offerings in the market.

Upcoming Launch and Security Measures

The technology is currently in its final beta testing phase, and select clients will soon receive invitations to implement the solution. By the end of the quarter, it will become a standard offering for all clients.

Gardner highlights the secure method for traders to access funds without liquidating assets, benefiting their financial security. The streamlined borrowing process against crypto assets will greatly assist them.

Modulus’ Legacy in Innovation

Modulus has been a leader in cryptocurrency exchange innovation for years. In 2018, the company introduced a market surveillance and risk management solution to address abuse and money laundering risks within cryptocurrency markets.

Gardner acknowledges that obtaining regulatory approval may be necessary for implementing this technology in certain jurisdictions.

Modulus supports clients in compliance and regulatory processes, maximizing the benefits of digital assets with their expertise and experience.

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