Friday, July 19, 2024
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EY South Africa Announces Winners of Data Science Competition

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EY South Africa has announced the winners of the EY Data Science Competition. This competition was hosted in partnership with Zindi ( to encourage learning & development in AI and data science space.

ZINDI was established in Cape Town in 2018, with the aim of making data science and Artificial intelligence (AI) skills accessible to African companies.

ZINDI helps data practitioners of all levels access tutorials and mentors to build their practical skills, and virtually participate in data science competitions.

The objective of this challenge was to develop machine learning models that utilize open-source CO2 emissions data from (Sentinel-5P satellite observations) to predict carbon emissions. The aim was to also unite teams from different sectors within EY to enhance their individual & collaborative data science and analytics capabilities.

The competition provided EY participants with access to the real-world data and automated evaluation system needed to develop machine learning models to predict carbon emissions.EY, governments, and others can estimate African carbon emissions, even in areas without on-site monitoring, using these solutions.

Kavi Pather, the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Leader for EY Africa, said, “We are pleased to say that our partnership with Zindi has allowed many EY teams to upskill in the critical areas of analytics and data science. Congratulations to all our winners and everyone who took part. We are looking forward to bigger and better competition in the future!

Celina Lee, Zindi’s CEO and co-founder expressed delight in collaborating with Kavi Pather and EY’s exceptional team for private AI challenges. She commended EY for their innovative approach, community-building efforts, and breaking traditional barriers.

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