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The main ideas of World of Warcraft that a new player should understand

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If we take WoW as a project for a long game, then such a project with a long history must be approached carefully.

World of Warcraft meets the player with a training system – you will be introduced to the methods of moving and killing monsters, the basic principles of pumping through quests. You will even gradually be given starting equipment and weapons for a comfortable game, but there are also disadvantages in this system.

  1. Tutorial and simple game will end after level 20.
  2. Weapons and equipment will gradually lose their effectiveness, and you need to spend gold to strengthen the character.
  3. There is no clear guidance on how to properly develop skills for your class.
  4. The most interesting content will start after level 60 with sailing to the Dragon Islands, but the speed of obtaining lvls will decrease sharply after 40.

All the minuses can be negated, or turned into pluses, if you know good services and sites with guides.


Skycoach is a connecting service between a gamer and a professional player.

Since in World of Warcraft, the main reasons for leaving the project are a significant increase in the level of the game and the character’s inconsistency with these requirements due to poor equipment, improper selection of skills, lack of gold and lack of knowledge for the proper development of the hero.

Gold supplies

There is nothing more valuable in World of Warcraft than gold – even the most scarce equipment can be bought from other players and farmers if you have enough.

A faster way is to buy the right amount from a trusted service with security guarantees and money back in disputable situations. This is important because the game administration carefully monitors such transactions and blocks illegal ones with the seizure of gold and the imposition of sanctions. Skycoach uses several methods to ensure the security of the transaction and disguises the exchange as a standard interaction between players.

Character training and leveling services

If you choose a boosting service from a professional Skycoach player, then you need to transfer an account to a booster, which will perform the service and develop the character to level 60 or 70 and bring the player to the Dragonflight update.

Of the pluses – everything that a professional Skycoach player farms in the process of leveling a hero, everything will remain on the account and will go as a bonus to the service. When logging into the account, a VPN will be used to protect against potential attention from the game administration.

As for training, this is a more comprehensive service that affects several useful actions at once.

Firstly, you get both training and leveling, but each level is accompanied by an understanding of game mechanics and the principles of farming and gaining experience.

The coach will analyze your play style and select skills and builds with the optimal set of skills with an explanation of such tactics.

If you like PVP, then there will be appropriate training – after level 20 in the World of Warcraft it is not difficult to find, but you need to learn how to win.

For PVE, there will be an explanation of farming methods in general and with an eye to the selected class, a story about raids and the most useful quests.

Blizzard Forum

One of the best ways to build your understanding of the game and develop your gaming skills is to target older and more experienced players who have already gone down this path and can share their knowledge.

You can read posts created by other players and get information that has already been filtered by other gamers and moderators. This is the main advantage of the forums – they do not contain absolutely useless and untrue information that players do not agree with.

If you have a question that is not on the forum, then you can create a corresponding post in the help section yourself.

For example, you do not understand which of the parameters to pump and strengthen on a tank in the first place – ask the players, there will also be tanks that will help you figure out the basics of playing on the defensive class.

One of the most important characteristics will be versatility – this is a parameter that evenly increases the general indicators of attack and defense, which is one of the best development options for the tank class in addition to health.

Protection due to the need to keep damage in any situation, but enemies should not forget about their own damage for the sake of pumping. A good tank sustains damage consistently, has high mobility, but can also attack for a quick experience gain if not in a group.


One of the most informative sites regarding World of Warcraft. Players will be able to find detailed guides, recommendations, descriptions of new and old content.

For example, before you start playing, it is better to decide on the direction of the class – DD, or an attacking class, defensive, or supporting.

It is worth choosing from what is closer to your liking – support classes are no less important than attacking ones, because without decent help, a DD will not survive in difficult conditions.

A bright attacking class is a magician. You will be able to find a manual for each branch – ice, fire, or arcane.

After reading the guides, you will understand that the fire mage is a PVE class with additional burn as a type of damage. The Ice Caster will be more powerful against other players due to the permanent debuff that limits the main stats and slows down the target. The arcane mage will deal combo attacks with constantly increasing damage and will not be tied to an attribute.


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