Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Telkom to support sustainable development for MVNOs

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Leading South African mobile network provider Telkom is the latest operator to announce plans to enable mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) partnerships on its network.

Telkom has leveraged its extensive network footprint across South Africa to offer MVNOs the opportunity to provide quality services over its network – thereby enhancing the much-needed competition in the telecoms space.

Telkom believes partnering with MVNOs will enable them to deliver their propositions to selected target markets effectively.

” With a best-in-class network, we believe that such partnerships will help create jobs, create a path into the industry for smaller players, and ultimately contribute to the growth of our digital economy, “says Lunga Siyo, CEO: Consumer and Small Business, Telkom.

“Telkom is committed to ensuring that MVNOs providing services over its network are sustainable,” Siyo adds.

The MVNO partnerships are in line with spectrum-license requirements set by ICASA to benefit historically disadvantaged groups. Telkom plans to take a considered approach to support commercially viable MNO-MVNO partnerships.

“We aim to have our first MVNO go live this year,” says Siyo. “Through the launch of MVNO partnerships, we look forward to unlocking greater competition in the sector and helping emerging MVNOs provide value for their customers.”


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