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Vidverto: A Cutting-edge Video Content and Monetization Platform!

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Over the years, video advertising has become one of the most effective ways to engage the audience. It is evident from the fact that there are about 3.1 billion digital video viewers worldwide, and online video ad spending across the globe has reached 61.6bn USD. This value is projected to reach 180.40bn USD in 2022, a rise of 20.1%.

It means there is a huge requirement to create a compelling video Ad to remain in the competition. Although one can achieve this milestone in a number of ways, one of the easiest and most effective ways is by using Vidverto.

What is Vidverto?

Vidverto is an advanced video content and monetization platform that provides enterprise-level programmatic advertising solutions. In simple words, it is a one-stop platform that not only lets you discover engaging video content, but also helps you earn money through video monetization.

This all-in-one platform works on a native video recommendation widget and provides access to a complete video SSP, a video content management area, a curated content galley, and much more, thus allowing you to get positive ROI on your productions. Moreover, the use of intelligent bidding algorithms based on the real-time processing of the data it receives makes it capable enough to provide desired results.

Vidverto is designed explicitly after in-depth research to help publishers reach their full video monetization potential. It uses optimized media widgets that can be natively included in between the article content.

VidVerto’s State-of-the-art Features

Vidverto comes with several cutting-edge features that help you with video advertising, Video ads revenue, etc. Here are some of the exciting features

  • All in one Video widget: Profitable Video Demand + Player + Media content together in the same code allows Vidverto technology to work at its highest performance.
  • Page Speed Test: The Vidverto code never interferes with the performance of the sites. It is entirely in compliance with, thus making it a suitable fit when it comes to seamless user experience.
  • Publishers’ own Content Distribution: Vidverto offers complete freedom to publishers to upload their own content for the recommendation widget hence bringing in a convenient way to optimize the current video content.
  • High-end customization: Built using cutting-edge technology, the Vidverto player can be fully customized with the publisher’s website design. This helps to create a fully native widget that perfectly matches the context. As a result, it creates more opportunities for engagement and video ad revenue.
  • API Statistics: Vidverto provides access to the revenue reports via API. It helps its partners to include the numbers into their current tech.
  • Direct Demand Connection: Vidverto’s video SSP (Supply Side Platform) is directly connected to the major DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), including Google DV 360/MediaMath. Apart from this, they have a dedicated sales team responsible for creating thousands of monthly programmatic deal opportunities for connected video audiences.
  • Convenient Payment Terms: Vidverto offers complete freedom when it comes to payment. Depending upon the case, the user is free to draw monthly, weekly, or even prepayments.


 Final Takeaway

There’s no denying that video advertising has become immensely popular. Whether it is a medium-scale industry, a large-scale industry, or a fresh startup, all are diving into the pool of video advertising to earn top dollar. But still, many industries are not able to draw the desired results. The problem does not lie in the strategy but in the video content they select. Vidverto offers a battle-tested video inventory along with a golden opportunity to use video monetization to its full potential.


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