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South Africa Has a New AI-Powered Digital Transformation Advisor

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Luis Monzon
Luis Monzon
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An innovative local software development partnership between 4Sight Holdings and Bidvest Advisory Services has created 4MIA powered by ALICE TM, a first-of-its-kind AI-powered automated digital transformation advisor.

Developed on the ALICE TM platform, the intelligent predictive solution Monitors, Investigates and Advises (MIA) business and technology executives on critical aspects related to their digital transformation roadmaps.

Decision-makers can now leverage the 4MIA’s automated proactive monitoring and reporting to gain greater visibility into their IT environment with real-time insights related to digital transformation readiness.

“As digital technologies and competitor capabilities rapidly evolve, business leaders and executives must constantly assess and evaluate their IT landscape. However, manual assessments take time and require experts to interpret the results,” explains Rudi Dreyer, Chief Business Environment Officer at 4Sight Holdings.

4MIA runs continuous and automated investigative and monitoring processes on an organisation’s internal IT landscape, assessing more data points than any person or team could.

The AI solution applies 100’s of algorithms developed using the collective intelligence of various subject matter experts to digitise business assessments. 4MIA’s predictive capabilities can also tailor the solution to leverage company-specific learnings, while also bringing in best practices.

The automated process identifies risks in a company’s current technology environment, along with opportunities for IT environment optimisation, business process modernisation, and cost savings.

“Ultimately, the solution generates an actionable list of recommendations related to on-premises infrastructure, modern workplace (Office and Microsoft 365) and Microsoft Azure environments for optimisation and modernisation,” continues Dreyer.

“These insights empower businesses to make timely and informed decisions about their digital transformation roadmap to accelerate their adoption of new digitally-led business models.”

Furthermore, 4MIA helps to address a common constraint related to funding digital transformation initiatives. The solution uncovers opportunities to create cost savings and efficiencies to be used in a potential self-funded roadmap.

“4MIA addresses numerous common challenges experienced during digital transformation projects, such as spending too much money on licensing, managing disparate landscapes or running duplicate or clustered systems,” says Aldo Van Tonder, Chief Digital Officer at 4Sight Holdings.

By identifying possible areas to reduce wastage or opportunities to consolidate and integrate systems to create cost or operational efficiencies, companies can allocate the resultant cost savings or extra capacity to kickstart a self-funded model that drives digital transformation.

4MIA’s innovative pricing, which is billed as a percentage of the environment the solution manages, typically saves double or more of the costs, according to Dreyer.

“4MIA not only pays for itself but also delivers additional benefits by freeing up more money to fund digital technology modernisation initiatives,” he adds.

“As a hosted solution built on Microsoft Azure and deployed from the Microsoft cloud, we can rapidly and securely deploy 4MIA into any ICT environment, anywhere on the planet and it easily integrates with modern and legacy technologies,” continues Van Tonder.

Using the Microsoft Azure environment for 4MIA also provides access to the latest intelligence and cognitive services with guaranteed GDPR and POPI compliance to protect customer data and meet regulatory requirements.

“4MIA is also highly scalable, which makes it applicable in even the most complex corporate environment and allows our assessment team to service exponentially more customers at speed while still delivering an overall better quality of service.”

“Ultimately, 4MIA powered by ALICE TM is a catalyst for cost-effective digital transformation in every industry by giving business decision-makers the confidence to accelerate their journeys,” Dreyer concludes.

Edited by Luis Monzon
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