AI, Chatbots & Their Influence on Mobile Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a widely spread concept today mainly used to automate several business processes. From education to fitness, AI is now spreading like a wildfire to make services more accessible for users. Relatively, chatbots are also now witnessing rapid growth in their adoption by corporates, big or small, to assist users with queries faster than ever before.

A report by Statista states, by 2025, the global AI market is expected to cross a value threshold amounting to $126 billion. IBM has the highest number of patents followed by Microsoft at the second position.

A report by Comm100 says, compared to 2017, chatbots have resulted in 260% more resolutions by solving almost 68% of chats from starting to finish without any interference by a real agent. Chatbots are being a crucial part of business operations.

In this blog, we are going to understand, how chatbots and AI in everyday life are affecting the way we use mobile technology. We will look into some already existing use cases that can define for us, how chatbots with AI are becoming the future.

So, let’s begin without wasting more time!

  • Smarter customer resolutions

AI chatbots are capable of getting smarter day by day. From solving simple queries, these chatbots can solve complex problems as well today. Chatbots are able to understand queries faster with the help of keywords used by the customer. Be it texts or calls, chatbots today are updated regularly with the help of Machine learning to ensure that their usability keeps getting better and better.

In terms of mobile technology, any modern AI development company will gladly use chatbots in their mobile applications, especially for service and product-based apps designed for customers.

  • Enhanced search capabilities

The AI and chatbots technologies can help users in finding what they are looking for easily. For instance, Google Assistant is useful to make calls, play music, search on the internet, guide you through maps, and do more by taking your voice commands. The AI helps these tools in understanding different languages, dialects, and pronunciations so that a seamless process can be offered. With machine learning, AI data storage of such chatbots keeps updating itself so that it can be improved in terms of offering a smooth user experience.

  • Customized user interfaces

Most smartphone apps today are using user behaviour data to provide recommendations according to the taste of the content. This pattern is usually followed in app categories like streaming shows, movies, and music. E-commerce websites are also using these AIs to shortlist recommendations for users according to their behaviour. Machine learning data helps AI in customizing the UI and it impacts sales, as well as the retention rates, positively.

  • Image recognition

Another example that you will witness of AI in smartphone apps is image recognition. AI is capable of detecting texts out of images to translate them, making notes, and more. Also, image recognition can be used to find other information such as the name of the celebrity, language, flag of the country, etc. Image reverse searches are also getting smarter due to the image recognition feature.

  • Live translations

AI-based chatbots are capable of translating conversations in real-time or within seconds. For travellers who usually travel to places with different language speakers, live translations can be really useful and brands such as Google have such projects already released in the market. These chatbots can recognize different dialects varying from region to region, pronunciations, local dialects, and more. Translation apps such as Google Translator are using such AI chatbots already.

  • Key takeaways

AI and chatbots have a great influence on mobile technology. In the near future, certainly, both technologies will expand their coverage into more opportunities such as virtual tutors, automated educational programs, automated consultants, and more. However, there is still time for AI to get that smarter. For now, let’s go through a few crucial points we discussed above for the revision before we wind up this blog.

  • 68% of AI-chatbots are capable of handling queries from the starting to the end without the interference of a real agent
  • AI chatbots are able to help users in finding search results for e-commerce products, shows, music, and more easily with voice commands
  • AI with the data of user behaviour collected by machine learning helps in displaying customized recommendations to users
  • Image recognition ensures that users do not have to type everything
  • Live translations help you in connecting with the world easily by recognizing languages, dialects, and more

Contributed by Andrea Laura.

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