Nigerian Users Remember #EndSARS Protest 1 Year After Deadly Marches

Image sourced from GQ.

Today, 20 October, marks 1 year since the deadly #EndSARS protests in Nigeria that saw the largest manifestation of protesters in the country’s modern history. At least 56 people nationwide lost their lives along the deadly week marked by protests and alleged police brutality.

Now, young Nigerians have taken to the streets again launching memorial protests across Lagos and Abuja. Under heavy police overwatch, dozens of protesters rallied to the site of the Lekki crackdown where police fired upon thousands of peaceful marchers which saw the deaths of 10 individuals.

On social media, Nigerians are likewise remembering the end of the bloody protests. On Twitter – #EndSARSMemorial, #EndPoliceBrutality, #LekkiMassacre and #WeWillNeverForget are currently the top 4 trends.

Let’s join the conversation:

Nigeria users are remembering those that lost their lives protesting. Some are comparing them to martyrs, saying that they are heroes.

A user had been live-tweeting from the protests and claims that the police had fired tear gas to disperse the crowds, seemingly an overreaction.

Social media has become intrinsically linked to the #EndSARS movement. An interesting aspect since Twitter is currently banned in the country.

Notable users are also adding their two cents, echoing statements from the people.

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