7 Great Reasons to Sponsor the Digital Finance Africa 2021 Summit

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Digital transformation has come to Africa, affecting every organisation and company.

Within the finance service industry, the transformation has been swift – many areas, including digital banking, payments, security, personalisation and financial inclusion are being transformed across the continent as you read this.

The transformation is here to stay, and will only increase as the unstoppable future approaches.

Financial service institutions must come to the realisation that embracing technology and innovation is more than a mere value-added benefit – it has become essential not only for survival but for the future of growth opportunities as well.

With branchless banking and digital payment solutions exploding in Africa as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that customer mindsets are changing on a weekly, if not daily level.

Now, as financial firms simply have no choice but to embrace the digital sphere to stay competitive, fundamental changes and important strategic choices in digitalization must take place.

This is why It News Africa’s Digital Finance Africa 2021 Virtual Summit seeks to “supercharge” your transformation strategy by bringing together African financial services leaders and technology players in discussing the key factors that the industry must keep on the front burner as it takes the all-encompassing journey to digitization.

Join us on 31 August 2021, and take your part in the discussion.

Here are 7 Great Reasons Why You Should Sponsor the DFA 2021 Virtual Summit:

Capture Leads

Sponsors and exhibitors can receive PoPIA/GDPR compliant delegate contact details to sustain business relationships post-event.


During the DFA, you can virtually network with potential clients and partners in the Summit’s Virtual Exhibition Hall and Networking Areas.

1-2-1 Meetings

Take part in 1-2-1 meetings, giving you virtual face-to-face time with your immediate target audience.

Promote your Brand

Leverage the opportunity to promote your brand as an innovator and thought leader to the Virtual Summit’s wider audience.

Showcase your Products

The DFA presents a tangible opportunity to showcase your company’s products to relevant decision-makers and banking industry leaders. Sponsors should take advantage of being able to encourage attending delegates to use your services.

Capture Essential Market Data

The DFA’s virtual presentation facilitates the ability to download transcripts of all live chat conversations. Capture all the important details and strategies discussed during the DFA 2021.

Engage with Potential Customers

Engage with and make an impact on potential customers through a speaking slot, virtual breakaway or panel participation.


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