Spotify Introduces New Premium Offers in South Africa

Sourced from Forbes.

Spotify is launching new offers for its free and first-time South African users to enjoy the benefits of a Premium account.

The music-streaming platform is offering three months free to eligible free and first time-users for the Individual Premium plan. For those who are missing their Individual Premium plan and cancelled for one reason or another, Spotify Premium is offering three months for just R59.99.

Spotify Premium gives subscribers an audio streaming experience with ad-free music listening, and on-demand audio anytime. On Spotify, users get access to more than 70 million tracks and more than 2.6 million podcast titles that include topics such as comedy, society & culture, sports, business and more right at their fingertips.

“So, whether you’re listening to your top feel-good songs to chase away the winter blues or binging your favourite wellness podcast as you power through a workout, Spotify has got you covered. And for even more endless discovery that makes it easier to find music, listeners can check out their very own personalised playlists like Discover Weekly, Time Capsule and the recently launched Spotify Mixes and more,” says the company.

“Being away from your social circle doesn’t mean you can’t keep up to date with the latest tracks. Spotify offers local, curated playlists that are continuously updated with the newest releases giving you the opportunity to discover new music and artists from South Africa and the rest of the continent. Some of the playlists that are updated weekly for your enjoyment include AmaPiano Grooves and New Music Friday South Africa.”

Both offers are available for the Individual Premium plan now through June 22. To be eligible for the R59.99 offer, subscribers must have cancelled their Premium plan on or before April 26.

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