Mukuru Partners with Thunes to Expand Footprint in Nigeria

Mukuru has partnered with Thunes to expand its digital footprint across Nigeria. The fintech company expects this will streamline the process of cross-border money transfer through a single API connection, resulting in greater speed and operational efficiencies. 

“Our partnerships continue to be a source of both innovation and growth across our network, with our homegrown technology solutions continually evolving to meet the day-to-day needs of our customers,” says Mukuru CEO, Andy Jury.

“We meet customers wherever they are, which today includes a variety of both physical and digital touchpoints across Africa, Europe and Asia.”

This partnership with global payment network Thunes will initially extend Mukuru’s reach in Nigeria followed by a rapid rollout to other corridors such as DRC, Ethiopia, Senegal and India.

Obey Itai Domingo, Thunes Business Development Director SADC, says, “Thunes is leading the way building a global cross-border payments network with real-time transaction processing. Our coverage across Africa, Europe, the Americas and APAC (Asia-Pacific) gives our customers the most accessible, fast, and reliable interoperable local payment solutions around the world.”

Mukuru Expands Reach in Southern Africa

Mukuru is expanding its footprint across Southern Africa. This comes after the remittance provider announced it has seen a 20-fold increase in monthly transactions within Zimbabwe.

“As we grow our physical footprint in Southern Africa and bring our services to more people by way of booths and an entrepreneurial agent network, this growth is being complemented by the progressive digitisation of key steps in the Mukuru payments process,” says Jury.

“With more and more digital access points over USSD, WhatsApp and the Mukuru App, for instance, customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with things like self-sign up, including digital KYC and onboarding, which is not only raising our brand presence but is shifting customers that much closer to financial inclusion and higher levels of financial transaction sophistication.”

Edited by Jenna Delport
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