Microsoft Teams Reaches to 145 million Daily Active Users

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Microsoft Teams has exploded in popularity since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent remote work exodus. Millions of people have brought their offices home with them, and with that, they’ve turned to Microsoft Teams.

In fact, more than 145 million Daily Active Users have turned to MS Teams to be exact.

According to The Verge, at the beginning of the pandemic, Microsoft had around 32 million daily active users of Microsoft Teams. That jumped to 75 million in a matter of weeks, and these numbers have more than doubled since even the early days of the pandemic.

How to Use Microsoft Teams in 4 Quick Steps

Step 1 – Creating Teams and understanding Channels

To start your teamwork collaboration, you first need to create a team. To set up a team you input a name and a description. After this is set up, team members can be added.

Step 2 – Taking Notes and sharing them with your Team

Clicking on the Notes tab takes a user straight to your Team’s shared OneNote drive. Within Teams, users can view and edit the notes within OneNote from the Team’s window. Users can also access the Team’s notes through the OneNote app.

Step 3 – Adding your own Tabs

With three pre-set tabs, users can also create and add their own tabs. For example, a tab for a planner, a tab for Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, specific dashboards, and maybe even a tab to share memes or family pictures.  Just click on the + icon next to the Notes tab to get started.

Step 4 – Understanding the Menu and all of its features

Along the left-hand side of the Teams window, users can navigate the many different features within the platform. Features including Chats, Meetings, Files and Activity.

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