New Online Retail Platform Launches in South Africa

Netcash has partnered with Ecwid E-Commerce to launch Netcash Shop. Powered by Ecwid E-Commerce’s platform, Netcash Shop is expected to allow merchants to create a digital eCommerce store where they can sell their products.

And thanks to the tight integration with Netcash’s Payment Gateway, merchants can accept a wide range of payments options.

According to the companies, merchants who use Netcash Shop will pay half as much as those using alternative eCommerce platforms and shopping cart options.

For companies that already have a website, a Netcash Shop shopping cart or shop can easily be added to a site built on a content management system like WordPress, Wix or Joomla.

Those that don’t have a site can create an Instant Site, no coding required, or add their Netcash Shop to their social media platforms. Once a business sets up its Netcash Shop, it can easily promote and sell its products on Google, Facebook, Instagram, email and other platforms.

“On the heels of the banner year for eCommerce, there has never been a more critical time for SMEs to sell online,” says Scott Varner, Vice President of Business Development at Ecwid E-Commerce.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Netcash and the opportunity it represents for local merchants to access a whole range of powerful, easy-to-use eCommerce solutions to help their businesses grow and thrive.”

Charles Pittaway, Managing Director for Netcash, adds “we are launching Netcash Shop with the goal of making it easy for small merchants to launch an online shop, complete with integration into a payments gateway and logistics partners. Ecwid E-Commerce was the perfect partner for this venture with a robust, yet easy-to-use platform that powers hundreds of thousands of online shops in 175 countries.”

“The launch of Netcash Shop is just the beginning of our drive to make e-commerce more accessible to small and medium business in South Africa, with a single platform that covers all the basics. Over the months to come, we aim to build an e-commerce ecosystem that offers a wide range of tools and solutions that empower our merchants to do more online.”

Edited by Jenna Delport
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