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FlySafair Unveils New Mobile App

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
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FlySafair has officially launched a new mobile app for Android and iOS. The app has been designed to give users an easy way to search, book, and manage flights directly from their phone – while also adjusting to travelling in the New COVID-19 Normal.

“We’ve been crafting an app for a while and now seemed like a great time to launch it because we were able to make a lot of adjustments to the features to ensure that they were relevant in this COVID-19 reality”, says Kirby Gordon, CMO at FlySafair.

Aviation in South Africa took a massive knock after the announcement of level 3 restrictions in late December last year, with available seats on the market in January this year being a mere 45% of what they were in January 2020.

“The aim of the app has been to make our customer’s experience with us simpler, by centralising all booking details into one place. What’s great about this is that customers can manage a great deal of their journey on their own devices.”

Travellers can find their boarding passes (which supports FlySafair’s No-Touch approach at the airport) and live updates through the app. “Users create a profile on the app which allows them to save the details for regular travellers and even remember their payment details, making booking really simple”.

FlySafair has also communicated that special offers will be promoted through the app only.

“We’re looking forward to running a couple of promotions and deals that will be exclusively available through our app in the near future”.

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