How Content Marketing will Amplify Your Business Online

Content marketing has become one of the most trusted and sought after forms of marketing. In fact, a recent report shows that in this year alone 70% of marketers are seriously investing in content marketing.

You might be wondering why? And the answer is simple; content marketing offers companies a reliable Return on Investment (ROI) for their efforts by effectively engaging with a targeted audience and optimising their online presence.

This is especially true in 2020 which has seen a huge adoption of online news and digital services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – further driving the need for businesses to digitally transform their marketing efforts.

The most popular content marketing channels include;

  • Brand-focused articles and sponsored posts
  • Mailers
  • Social media promotions
  • Video interviews
  • Newsletters

At IT News Africa, we have launched an empowering programme that aims to equip technology solution providers with comprehensive content marketing and solutions.

These sponsored content packages include thought leadership articles, social media posts, banner ads, and branded mailshots to our 20,000+ subscribers.

And don’t worry if you don’t have content creators. You’re covered! Our in-house content creation team will help you write SEO-friendly technology articles and design banner ads that drive clicks.

We reach over 200,000+ readers who enjoy educational and informative business technology content, and since this type of native advertising doesn’t feel much like a sales pitch, they are more likely to interact with it – resulting in greater ROI for your brand.

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Staff writer