Uber Launches Medication Delivery Service in South Africa

Sourced from CNet.

Uber South Africa and Medicare have partnered to launch an over-the-counter medication delivery service.

“We strongly believe in reinventing pharmacy, and thanks to this partnership with Uber Eats this is made possible,” says Tim Knapp, CEO of Medicare.

“Getting the medication South Africans need, when they need it, without the risk of leaving their home is just the beginning as we continue to explore how best we can bring access, convenience and reliability in our everyday needs.”

According to Uber, the medication available will include both schedule 1 and 2 medicine. And consumers will be required to present their IDs on collection.

“Seeing how quickly locals adopted an online platform allowed us the opportunity to significantly scale our offerings to cater for more than just food, moving to just about anything that one might need to live comfortably at home,” says Shane Austin, GM of Uber Eats in Sub Saharan Africa.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Uber Eats app and search for Medicare Health
  2. Add self-medication items to your cart
  3. Enter your name, surname, contact number and address in the Special Instructions
  4. Check out

Uber to Crack Down on Mask Wearing in South Africa

Uber South Africa has launched its Mask Verification tool in an attempt to ensure all passengers wear a mask when taking a ride.

Passengers may be required to take a selfie while the mask verification tool ‘detects whether a mask is within the frame of the portrait and allows access to Uber if this is the case,’ reports MyBroadBand.

“Masks are mandatory for riders and drivers, and both of you can leave feedback if the other isn’t wearing one,” reads an email from Uber to its South African users.

“If we receive feedback about anyone consistently violating our mask policy, they will be blocked from the Uber app.”

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