Facebook Commits to African SMBs Through Virtual Programmes

Facebook has announced that all its Economic Impact Programmes are officially available, and will be offered virtually, in an attempt to equip small African businesses with digital marketing skills to help them stay open, connect with and acquire new customers to survive challenges presented by Coronavirus.

Facebook’s Economic Impact Programmes include:

  • Boost with Facebook – currently implemented in 11 African countries, targeting over 41,000 small businesses.
  • SheMeansBusiness – available in Nigeria, South Africa and Senegal reaching 7,500 participants.
  • Digify Pro – offered in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa with 230 participants.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme – which works with 360 participants in Nigeria.

These programmes will include 90 minute long Instructor-led live webinar sessions featuring presentations, demonstrations, lectures and virtual discussions. As part of this there will also be Facebook/Instagram Live sessions that will feature business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups who will provide seminars and talks on various topics, with trainers also hosting ‘office hours’ to accommodate questions asked by participants.

“We know that businesses all over the continent, especially small businesses, are experiencing unexpected challenges. These specially curated programmes will provide much-needed support and advice to SMBs looking to build, establish and grow their businesses,” says Phil Oduor, Policy Programmes Manager for Economic Impact and Digital Literacy at Facebook.

Facebook says that it remains committed to supporting SMB’s across SSA by offering training aimed at equipping SMBs with vital skills to leverage digital tools to stay in touch with their customers and achieve their business goals in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Edited by Jenna Delport
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