7 Must-Have South African Apps to Simplify Your Life

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Sometimes we’re told about a really great app, that, once downloaded, just takes up space on your phone. There are, however, some incredibly useful apps out there for South Africans, and usually by South Africans too.

Below is a list of 7 really helpful apps that South Africans will miss if they ever see their phones without them. These apps are set to save you stress and save you time.

1. Lockdown Bozza

Information about the lockdown and each of its phases tend to fly fast and loose on social media and on news outlets across the country, but this app is a one-stop for all of the lockdown’s rules.

The app’s tagline is “I am the Lockdown Bozza (Boss). I will tell you what you can and cannot do during the lockdown period.”

Lockdown Bozza receives its information from government sources so you can be sure that its rules are all officially sanctioned. It is a very easy app to navigate, and you can switch from different provinces and areas to track the correct level of lockdown that applies to you.

The activities you wish to have lockdown eased on soonest can be favourited and when these activities are allowed again, the app will notify you.

Available on iOS and Android.

2. 22Seven

Old Mutual is the mastermind behind this budgeting app. A great way to track expenses effortlessly and efficiently. The app is available to everyone, so you don’t have to be a client to use it.

22Seven comes as a highly rated budgeting app because it connects directly to your accounts, cards and the like. What this means is that you won’t have to manually add your earnings or expenditure, the app will do it for you.

Users cautious of parting with such delicate information are assuaged by developers who claim that security is their top-most concern and that the app is partnered with over 100 financial institutions.

Using the app, you can include what your budget is used for, from clothing to rent or data purchases each month. And by placing a limit, the app will alert you when you’re over budget.

The app is simple and easy to use and aims to help people budget effectively right from their mobile device.

Available on iPhone and Android.

3. SnapScan

A QR code payment app. SnapScan is connected to a multitude of organisations within South Africa to offer their users ease of payment. Companies such as mobile operators and government entities like Eskom are connected to the app.

SnapScan allows users to seamlessly use the app to buy airtime, electricity, pay parking guards and pay your bills. The app also allows users to send money to friends and family who also have the app so they can spend it with a SnapScan merchant or in the app itself.

The only downside is that the app can only be used in certain places, as many other QR payment apps are being used as well.

Available on iOS and Android

4. Namola

South Africa can be a dangerous place, which is why apps like Namola have come into being.

A safety and security app that helps users get into contact with emergency services faster.

The app has a clear panic button which alerts the Namola response centre who then call you back to find out what the concern is. Once they know what you need, they alert the relevant emergency services.

There is also a tracking feature to add contacts who also have the app and you can choose how often, or when, you would like to track them.

Namola’s basic features are free for all users, and it also offers an additional bevvy of options for users who pay the R39 per month subscription, including private ambulance and armed response services.

Available for iOS and Android.

5. Mr D Food

The local version of Uber Eats is an amazing option to have on your phone wherever you are.

While not as streamlined as the Uber Eats app, it is still robust enough in its UI to allow users to quickly order and pay for food. The app has also introduced a tracking feature so you can see where your driver is at all times.

Users are enticed with promotional deals and free delivery. It’s an easy payment process with EFT, card and cash option.

Available for iOS and Android.

6. Bottles

A necessity for some or a luxury for others is how Tech Radar describes this app. This is a great and simple service for anyone who enjoys alcoholic beverages.

It is sort of like a Mr D for alcohol, Bottles will see your home boozed within 20 to 60 minutes of ordering.

Since the lockdown dropped the ban on liquor yet imposed limited trading hours, this would be an option for those who just don’t have the time to head to a bottle store at the end of the day.

Bottles has expanded in partnership with Pick ‘n Pay to include groceries. This is a great addition as you can now order your groceries and alcohol all in one go.

Available on iOS and Android.

7. EskomSePush

An essential app. EskomSePush is a load-shedding tracker that will notify you of changes in load shedding schedules or reminders of load-shedding events tailored to your area.

It also gives users a forecast for load shedding over an entire week, so you know what to expect and plan accordingly. The app sheds minutes off of your day spent looking at City Power spreadsheets desperately looking for your ward.

This pleasantly user-friendly app is available for iOS and Android.

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