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3 Industries that will Thrive Amidst the Coronavirus Chaos

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Jenna Delport
Jenna Delport
I’m a tech writer, world traveller, avocado-eater and dog lover, not always in that order.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted world economies and international travel relations, leaving thousands of people practising self-isolation and social distancing. Amidst all the uncertainty, a number of industries have turned the worldwide disaster into a time of unprecedented growth.

Here’s a quick look at three industries benefiting from the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Robots and Drones 

Since emerging in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, the coronavirus has spread around the world. As the outbreak grew, so did public questions and concerns. To help address those fears and resolve the crisis, public safety officials have explored new technologies — like drones and robots.

Drones can dramatically improve how countries attempt to kill the virus in public areas: They can cover far more ground than traditional methods while reducing risk to workers who would otherwise spend more time potentially exposed to both the virus and the disinfectant.

As for Robots, they have been used to replace unnecessary human interactions when it comes to providing services and care to people in quarantine – self-imposed or otherwise. These robots deliver all sorts of items from food and medication to household essentials. They can also act as a barrier between doctors and patients.

2. Content Streaming Services 

Governments around the globe have urged people to practice social distancing and when possible, to stay indoors in order to curb the spread. This means that people have been looking for ways to keep themselves connected and entertained despite living in isolation.

Since then, content streaming services like Netflix, YouTube and Disney+ have seen a major uptake in subscriptions. According to Forbes, these services are highly likely to benefit from such a crisis because they are viewed as a “stay-at-home stock, that could see traction, particularly internationally, as more people are confined to their homes, eschewing more public forms of entertainment”.

Piggybacking off of online streaming, “advertisers are already moving money from traditional TV to streaming, and the coronavirus outbreak will likely accelerate that, based on conversations with ad agency executives,” reports DigiDay.

3. Cybersecurity  

A major concern is the ability of hackers to circulate fake dashboards showing maps tracking the spread of the coronavirus, in a time when people are searching for vital information. If clicked on, the user’s devices could become infected.
Another problem is as the spread of COVID-19 continues, more and more organisations will consider making remote-working a viable solution for their employees – “triggering the largest “work-from-home” mobilisation in history,” says Zamani Ngidi, Cyber Solutions Client Manager at Aon South Africa.
This migration can leave businesses even more vulnerable and susceptible to cybersecurity attacks as monitoring and containing threats will be more difficult. Cybersecurity Providers will see an increase in interest and adoption as more organisations begin to truly understand why this industry matters.
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