Vivo’s New Apex 2020 Flagship Smartphone Announced

Vivo today unveils the third generation of its APEX concept smartphone – the Apex 2020, a new flagship. This new smartphone builds atop the successes of its previous generations to feature more cutting-edge technologies with a focus still on Vivo’s aesthetic pursuits.

“This flagship product displays a major breakthrough in visual effects that are based on Vivo’s deep consumer and smartphone industry insight. APEX 2020 is truly a revolutionary manifestation of Vivo’s exploration of future smartphone design,” reads a release from the company.

The new smartphones will utilize a 120° FullView Edgeless Display, with a 98% screen-to-body ratio. The new “Super Unibody” device also boasts a sleeker design for the Apex 2020. The smartphone is wrapped in a 6.45-inch curved display that bends at an angle of 120° on both sides, with a resolution of 2330 x 1080.

The Apex 2020 will run on Android 10, have a storage capacity of 12+265 GB and feature wireless charging with its Super FlashCharge 60W charger.

The Apex 2020 will release with two cameras – the front, a 16MP In-Display RGB and its back-mounted main camera, 16 MP 5x-7.5x Continuous Optical Zoom with 48MP Gimbal Stabilization. The Gimbal-Stabilizing main camera is inspired by the special biological structure of a chameleon’s eyeball rotation without the eyelid. Like the chameleon’s eye, the main camera can fix the visual image to an extent and accurately track the target at motion or unstable occasions.

It will also feature software that instantly removes Photobombs through real-time image segmentation via its powerful computing system – “No matter how complicated the background environment is, the target you set can always be the “protagonist” of the photos.”

The rest of the features can be seen in the following list:

Version APEX 2020
Announced 28 February 2020
Storage 12+256GB
Display 120° FullView Edgeless Display
LCM 6.45-Inch Flexible Display that Bends at an Angle of 120°
Resolution 2330*1080
Camera Front: 16MP In-Display RGB

Main Camera: 16MP 5x-7.5x Continuous Optical Zoom + 48MP Gimbal

OS Android 10.0
Charging Wireless Super FlashCharge 60W (TBC)
Buttons Pressure-sensing Power Button, No Volume Rocker (Volume can be adjusted through the pop-up menu)
Weight 169g
Dimension 157.25×66.2×8.8mm
Others 3rd Generation Exciters
Colours Black/White


There is no release date as of yet.

Edited by Luis Monzon

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