1-grid launches SMB registration feature in South Africa

South African web-hosting company, 1-grid.com announced earlier this week that it has launched a unique business registration feature. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can now register their company and its equivalent website address at the same time. The new feature allows start-ups to establish and protect their brand identity by ensuring consistency both on and offline.

“If you don’t secure a domain name for your business right away, competitors or domain grabbers might get there first. We want to empower small businesses to protect their brand,” says head of 1-grid.com, Thomas Vollrath.

According to the company, registering a matching business and domain name at the same time is the best way for businesses to avoid huge costs and secure their online image from the beginning.

To ensure that registered domains are properly set up and populated with content once registered, 1-grid.com also offers website hosting and design to their customers. “Often, businesses that register their domain name independently don’t have the knowledge to set up a website. When customers search for them online, all they find is an unused domain. This hurts their credibility,” says Vollrath.

“Filling out your details and selecting the business name takes about five minutes. Within five business days, you’ll receive your company registration certificate and confirmation of your domain name registration. It’s a much smoother, more user-friendly process than anything else that currently exists,” concludes Vollrath.

Edited by Jenna Cook

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