South African Internet speed rankings released

August 15, 2019 • Mobile and Telecoms, Southern Africa, Top Stories


South African Internet speed rankings released

South African Internet speed rankings released. released their latest report on Internet speed in South Africa on Wednesday, 14 August 2019. The report shows that South Africa ranks in the top 100 countries for broadband speed in the world, taking the 76th spot but still falls behind the global average download speed. 

According to the company, about 60 per cent of Internet traffic generated on the African continent originates from South Africa. With almost 54.00 per cent of the total population of South Africa being active Internet users.

General Internet accessibility rankings 

Access to the Internet using all available means — mobile phones, PC’s, laptops etc — is highest in Gauteng with an average of 72,2 per cent, the Western Cape comes in second with 68,5 per cent and Mpumalanga ranks third with 58,1 per cent — the lowest scoring province is Limpopo with just 42,4 per cent accessibility. 

Provincial Internet speed rankings 

Free State has the fastest download speed among South African provinces with KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng following closely behind. 

The two slowest provinces are the Northern Cape and North West respectively — this has been attributed to the fact that they are both along South Africa’s northern border. 

Download speed in the country’s fastest province was 38.7 per cent faster than in the slowest, while speeds in the country’s largest cities are relatively similar.

Mobile Internet speed rankings

South Africa has the fastest average mobile download speed in Africa with 22.42 Mbps. But speed varies among cities. The report by suggests that Durban has the fastest download speed with 26.66 Mbps, followed by Pretoria with 24.25 Mbps and Johannesburg with 23.62 Mbps. 

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