Nokia’s digitalization of 5G Oulu factory recognized by World Economic Forum

July 4, 2019 • Digital Transformation, Mobile and Telecoms

Nokia's Oulu factory has been selected by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey as an Advanced 4th Industrial Revolution Lighthouse.

Nokia’s Oulu factory has been selected by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey as an Advanced 4th Industrial Revolution Lighthouse.

Nokia’s 5G factory in Oulu, Finland, dubbed as the “factory of the future,” has been selected by McKinsey and the World Economic Forum as an Advanced 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) Lighthouse. This selection reflects Nokia’s leadership and success in adopting and implementing 4IR technologies at scale. Nokia is showing its ability to digitally transform and modernize its customers’ manufacturing facilities for Industry 4.0.

The Oulu factory was designed to showcase Industry 4.0 concepts for the manufacturing of Nokia’s 4G and 5G base stations. The factory leverages Nokia’s private (4.9G/LTE) wireless networks for secure, safe and reliable connectivity for all assets inside and outside the factory. The factory also utilizes IoT analytics that runs on Edge Cloud. The factory produces 1,000 4G and 5G base stations per day and has generated important improvements such as 30% improvement gains and 50% savings in time of product delivery to market.

The Lighthouse Program, which is conducted in collaboration with McKinsey, includes specific Lighthouse factories that are changing the work process to ensure that it is safer, less repetitive, productive and diversified. Nokia was highlighted as a Lighthouse by a panel of experts who identified Nokia’s implementation of 4IR technologies in the Oulu factory that have achieved positive financial and operational results. Nokia, as part of the Global Lighthouse Network, will work in partnership with world leaders to share knowledge, practices and information that will help manufacturers and enterprises adopt technologies of the future.

We are paving the way for enterprise customers to realize the vision of Industry 4.0 and industrial automation by applying our technology to our manufacturing needs. For our Oulu 5G facility, we created a ‘factory of the future’ environment leveraging private wireless networks for reliable and secure in-factory connectivity, edge cloud and IoT analytics. We are very pleased that our technology has delivered productivity gains of over 30 per cent for our factory and we look forward to [sharing] this expertise with customers, helping them accelerate growth and unlock their full potential,” said President of Nokia Enterprise and Chief Strategy Officer, Kathrin Buvac. 

For factory employees, the automation of our Oulu manufacturing environment increases flexibility and adaptability. The ‘conscious factory’ has evolved the working ecosystem – increasing motivation and the wellbeing of employees by automating the traditionally repetitive tasks, making work more diversified and productive,” said Heikki Romppainen, Head of Oulu Factory, Nokia. 

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