BCX launches voice offers for medium business and corporate clients

March 1, 2019 • General

BCX launches innovative voice offers

Collaboration is often cited as a key pillar of Digital Transformation – as employees work together to achieve an organisation’s digital vision, the need for streamlined and agile communication becomes evident.

Voice technology is often overlooked in terms of collaboration, however innovations in this environment are constantly emerging. To this end, BCX  announced the launch of their new voice offerings for Medium Business & Corporate clients.

“Our aim is to simplify communication for our clients with innovative billing models that provide predictability and cost savings”, says Julian Liebenberg, Chief of Telecommunications Solutions at BCX. “Our new discounted voice solutions include Unlimited Voice and Pay Per User models that are tailored to optimise our clients’ voice portfolios.”

Unlimited Voice, an unlimited voice usage package for business, offers a bespoke solution for each client that yields incredible savings which can then be re-invested into other technologies. The Unlimited plan enables better budgeting because of the predictability that the plans offers.

The innovative Pay Per User solution is a voice-as-a-service subscription model, created to give growing clients a predictable cost-per-user as their organisation scales. This solution removes all complexity from the client’s billing environment and offers increased flexibility.

Edited by Neo Sesinye
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