South Africa: Fundi opens flagship store in Johannesburg

February 8, 2019 • Education, Top Stories

South Africa: Fundi opens flagship store in Johannesburg

South Africa: Fundi opens flagship store in Johannesburg.

Finance and education fund management solutions company, Fundi opened a new flagship store in Johannesburg on Thursday, 07 February.

Featuring the latest edu-tech solutions, the store will bring the brand critically closer to learners, students, academics and strategic stakeholders in the region – unlocking access to new opportunities and learning journeys which will enable clients to achieve their dreams.

Officially opened by CEO Tshepo Ditshego this morning, Fundi’s new Braamfontein store brings the brand’s vision of enabling a single source of education solutions to life. Combining practical hands-on advice and engagement with team members with alternative tech solutions, the store offers a glimpse into the “FundiVerse” that Fundi has been creating over the past 20 years.

“The FundiVerse is about radically rethinking education – a proactive response to the needs, challenges and opportunities of the space, that leverages the possibilities of technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” explains Ditshego. “By creating a single-source of all things education – from funding through to the diverse resources and support needed to succeed – we’re working to make education accessible, relevant and inclusive across the continent. This is critical for communities throughout South Africa and Africa to grow and realise their full potential.”

Edu-tech has made this possible: allowing key contributors across the learning and education ecosystem to connect meaningfully through the Fundi platform, refine their contribution where needed, and then engage with the students and learners who need them the most.

“Success in learning cannot be achieved in isolation,” notes Ditshego. “It’s typically the result of a number of important factors coming together in a very specific way at exactly the right time. While funding is one of these factors, success hinges on far more than this. Learners need equipment, textbooks, uniforms, and sports equipment – all the way through to accommodation, a food allowance, mentorship and career guidance services. Their journey must also be seen and supported holistically; encompassing their intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs. In this way, they are set-up for success from the very beginning.”

With most schools in the CBD already back and students returning to begin their first semester at Johannesburg colleges and universities, the store opening has come at the ideal time for many, including those who may need to settle fees owing in order to receive their degree. The large public sector market-based in town is also set to benefit – creating the ideal platform for public servants to further their careers, as well as support the educational needs of their children.

“Our aim is to empower students of all ages with the knowledge and means they need to succeed in their lifelong education journey,” says Ditshego. “We’re looking forward to assisting learners and their families from across Gauteng to realise their dreams of a brighter future – starting in 2019; starting at Fundi Braamfontein,” he concludes.

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