Turning smart meters into water leak detectors

December 11, 2018 • General

Turning smart meters into water leak detectors

Turning smart meters into water leak detectors

Water leaks are becoming a significant cause for concern with municipalities desperately trying to conserve more water while attempting to decrease the amount of clean water that is being wasted through burst water pipes.

Old infrastructure, metal pipes rusting, loose bolts giving way, and clean water gushing onto the street or into drains is costing municipalities millions in revenue and increases water scarcity in South Africa It is clear that the most growing water losses are from consumer and industrial-based leakages.

So how much water does the country lose because of this?
According to a 2017 Green Cape market intelligence report, 37% of South Africa’s water supply is lost through leaks across many cities in the country

Smart metering has become a productive tool for Municipalities and Household Consumers alike as a means of reducing water wastage. In the plight to achieve much quicker results in managing the drought stage a nip the leak in costs, the smart technology operates through wireless transmissions that send consumers information of consumption. Information received from the system is then viewed through the Lesira Teq app that one can control from anywhere. Lesira Teq’s smart meters also affords its consumers the flexibility to manage water restrictions, convert conventional water meters to pre-paid systems and send consumption reports for consumers to get an idea of exactly how much they are consuming.

“for the first time in the history of water supply, consumers are now addressing the issue of their water usages in Rands and cents! Technology and water infrastructure in the industry has not changed. Meters used in the past are still the same, but what has changed are the figures.” Edwin M. Sibiya, CEO, Lesira Teq

Most recently, Lesira Teq’s smart metering system was featured in the international study report on Global Intelligent Instrument Market-2023. The report provides the current and advanced market advantages of Intelligent Instrument business unpacking the main development drivers and force factors affect the growth of the Intelligent Instrument market.

By simplifying Smart Metering Systems, Lesira Teq has managed to put the power back into the consumer’s hands and build a strong sense of conservation by teaching users that water, gas and electricity are our most essential services that play a vital role in our economic and social development. The smart metering technology has been widely received by household consumers and municipalities a like

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