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What makes Magento 2 a perfect e-Commerce platform?

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What makes Magento 2 a perfect e-Commerce platform?
What makes Magento 2 a perfect e-Commerce platform?

There are many reasons why leading brands across the world trust Magento 2 as their preferred e-commerce software. The reasons range from its ability to create a full featured website in the shortest time possible to the fact that it comes with useful Magento advanced reports features that help you keep track of your store’s performance. It comes with different extensions that you can take advantage of to make your e-commerce store look great. Magento’s management system is PHP and MYSQL-based which makes it fully compatible with Linux.

Here are a few more reasons why Magento 2 is the best e-commerce platform for you:

It Gives You a SEO Advantage
When you build your e-commerce website on a Magento 2 platform, you not only get a great looking easy to build site but an advantage in search engine optimization as well. The platform has solved many SEO issues previously experienced with other e-commerce website builders. You can easily manage duplicate, create search engine optimized landing pages, get better page indexing, increase organic traffic to your site, and much more. It is fast loading platform which is one of the features Google now considers in its ranking factors. An e-commerce site built on a Magento 2 platform has a higher chance of ranking well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Better Performance and Scalability
Magento 2 has an improved indexer that speeds up query performance. Indexing is an important strategy in e-commerce sites. It helps in managing merchant information such as prices, catalogue data, and user’s store by creating and regularly updating index tables. Magento 2 makes it easier for admin users to manage product information without the inconvenience of data conflicts. In terms of scalability, Magento 2 can optimize your pages and give you faster delivery, improve backend operation efficiency, make your databases flexible enough to handle peak loads, and improve server response times.

Easier Checkout Process for Your Customers
Your checkout process should be as simple for the customers as possible to ensure that users don’t abandon their shopping carts before checkout. There are many reasons why shoppers abandon carts midway including the following:
• Slow loading checkout process
• Not enough payment options
• Forced to log in or create an account before they proceed
• Fewer shipping options compared to other e-commerce stores.

Magento 2 solves these checkout problems in several ways:
• Its checkout process has two instead of the six steps used in Magento 1
• It recognizes guest visitors, which eliminates the need to sign in or create an account before you complete the checkout process
• It comes with a dynamic shipping rate displayed according to the customer’s country, specific region, or zip/postcode.

These features make the checkout process simpler and less involving for the customer. They put the customer in control of the checkout process and improve your conversion rate in the process.

It’s a Mobile-Friendly e-Commerce Platform
A majority of internet users now use smartphones and tablets to conduct their online shopping activities. Fortunately, Magento 2 has a mobile-first responsive design that fits perfectly on screens of differently sized mobile devices. Customers can clearly view your products and place orders straight from their mobile devices. You can even create mobile-friendly apps to increase conversion rates and grow your business. You even get a touch-friendly Magento 2 admin panel to help you manage your store conveniently via your mobile device.

Easy Upgrading
An e-commerce store should be easy to upgrade. This is because failure to upgrade puts your store at risk of bugs and security threats. As new bugs are identified, the developers take necessary actions and release updates that address the identified bugs. If your e-commerce platform doesn’t come with automatic upgrade options or is too slow to upgrade, you will expose your investment to security issues or slow down its performance. Fortunately, Magento 2 comes with regular updates and more exciting features. The developers are always adding new features when each new version is released.

More Integrations and Extensions
The overall design of Magento 2 allows easy integration of useful extensions that help you to manage your e-commerce store more efficiently. The extensions improve key features and functionalities of your online store. You can even customize your e-commerce store and give it your own preferred style.

You even get extensions for payment gateways such as Braintree and PayPal. Your customers get more payment options to choose from including Realex, Elayon, Converge, and PagSeguro for Magento 2.

The Instant Purchase Feature
Another noteworthy feature of Magento 2 is the instant purchase feature which allows customers to place their orders instantly without going through a detailed checkout process. Customers can click or tap on the instant purchase button and redirected to a confirmation page to place their order. The instant purchase feature is available to customers using Braintree credit card, PayPal PayFlow, and Braintree PayPal.

Dotmailer Email Marketing Automation
Dotmailer email marketing automation is one of the most recent features of the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. This feature allows you to create marketing campaigns easily then automate the campaigns via email, SMS, and push notifications. Dotmailer is an easy to use marketing toolset that comes with a 14-day free trial.

Magento Reports Extension
Reports and insights are important components of your e-commerce business. Reports tell you how good or bad your business is doing so you can take measures to improve performance. Magento 2 comes with advanced reporting features that provide you with 20 reports via the platform’s web interface. The feature gives you reports on important areas such as registered customers, orders, and best-selling products among others. The data, insights, and metrics you get from this advanced reports extension help you to manage your business more efficiently. You can access Magento advanced reports in your admin area.

Magento 2 is a fully functional feature-rich e-commerce platform with improved performance and great scalability. It has an improved easy checkout process that makes it easy for customers to buy from you, a mobile-friendly design, easy upgrades, and key integrations that you can use to customize your store and increase conversions.

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