Neutrinos showcases innovative solutions at Etion Digital Transformation Congress

July 30, 2018 • Digital Transformation, Events

Neutrinos showcases innovative solutions at Etion Digital Transformation Congress

Neutrinos showcases innovative solutions at Etion Digital Transformation Congress

On Thursday, 26 July 2018, Neutrinos participated as a Bronze sponsor at the Etion Digital Transformation Congress which took place at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event contributed to the conversation around digital transformation with thought leaders, industry experts, local and international senior executives discussing the latest technology trends.

Innovation is never just about making ‘improvements’, which is why true innovation is largely synonymous with disruption. Neutrinos is a disruptive technology company that’s challenging the status quo by bringing disruption to the application world, through a platform that allows everyone – from enterprises to individuals – access to smart and rapid application development.

Formed in late 2015, Neutrinos crafted its platform following a lean startup process. The platform is so quick to use that one can build a business requirement received in the morning from the client and deliver a first level solution by the same afternoon using the platform something that would generally take a few weeks or even months with platforms of similar nature.

Neutrinos has demonstrated it not once or twice, but time and again. Sabareesh Natarajan, Head, Marketing at Neutrinos, says the platform is particularly suited to leapfrog in adopting disruptive technologies, applicable across all vertical markets. “Our mantra is to democratise innovation in the application development space, rapidly extending the power of application development to the masses,” he says. “Applications are vital and inseparable from our daily lives; think mobile devices, smartwatches and the likes. However, the application platform space is mostly dominated by the large platform players, which makes it still inaccessible, arduous and expensive to individuals, students, startups, incubators, SMEs, system integrators or even large enterprises in their ‘fail fast’ ideation approach.” Sabareesh adds: “We asked ourselves: Why should access to technologies be kept to only those people who have the privilege to code? How can we help others bring their ideas to life?” Neutrinos enables anyone, from any background to design and develop apps for their own needs. The platform supplies lots of prebuilt widgets, visual design and modelling tools along with its in-built capabilities such as machine learning, Internet of Things, and the ability to build and test once and multi-deploy across web, mobile, tablet and smartwatch.

The platform makes app-building simple, easy and mostly, rapid. The design of the Neutrinos platform itself has built-in integration tools that allows the user to borrow data from a large amount of reputable sources, known as Smart Libraries. Sabareesh Natarajan, Head, Marketing at Neutrinos “We tried to eliminate the difficulty in building an app, you just need the imagination, and giving life to that rapidly is possible with Neutrinos.” The platform is built in such a way that only an understanding of HTML and JavaScript is required – something that’s in abundance.

Furthermore, Natarajan points out that the platform is developed using open source stack, which makes it rapid, easy and cost-effective for enterprise clients and partners, who otherwise find themselves tied to proprietary platforms forever. “The buzzword today is that of ‘digital transformation’, as an increasing number of organisations seek to take advantage of the new digital world where they can quickly ideate, prototype and then operationalise any app in its evolution. Being able to rapidly create their own apps in any form with flexibility and agility enables them to modernise their enterprise and keep pace with the dynamism of their end customers’ expectations. This makes it simpler for companies to quickly develop and launch new product lines and deliver these to their clients and in a way, provide excellent customer experience.” “In order to digitally transform, companies require such a catalyst to enable them to formulate new ideas and strategies, rapidly making it a reality. This is the exact place where Neutrinos has positioned itself,” he concludes.

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