Uber like App to help metered taxi’s in South Africa

Uber like App to help metered taxi's
Uber like App to help metered taxi's

Uber like App to help metered taxi's
Uber like App to help metered taxi’s

Scoop a Cab, a taxi and ridesharing application similar to Uber, has revealed that the company has launched its services in Bloemfontein adding to its services which are already available in Johannesburg and Pretoria. The app matches a rider’s location to a suitable driver that will take them to their destination and it also offers a door-to-door delivery service.

The objective of this application is to create a solution for traditional meter taxis by encouraging them to join the platform which in-turn will minimise the violence that has been occurring between them and our ridesharing competitors. “The world is changing, technology is always advancing and smartphones are taking over the world, literally,” says Princess Ncube, CEO and co-founder.

“Traditional meter cabs have been offering the transport service to citizens for years, before the mobile hailing companies erupted. Meter cabs have always been there – reliable and loyal and transporting passengers to their destination. With all the violence and attacks that have been happening in South Africa, Scoop a Cab has made it their responsibility to find a solution that will bring peace and eliminate the meter taxi driver’s understandable frustrations by making sure that they are not left out in the cold and basically get with the times.”

Ncube added that as a start-up, the company found it crucial to create employment, for graduates and middle age individuals, irrespective of race or gender, and they wish to play a part in the employment crisis faced.

The Scoop a Cab Application has 3 vehicle types that passengers can utilize: Hatchbacks, Meter Taxis and Private Cars.

The application has features such as:

A panic button – which is a helping aid for drivers and riders. This allows you to add up to five people to contact in-case of an emergency.

Pre-booking system – book now ride later!

• Scoop wallet – riders can put money into their wallet and be able to use their money for future trips.

Scoop a Cab CEO emphasised how the company cares for the drivers they have on their platform.

“We have ensured that drivers are able to earn more and provide for their families by charging a lower commission fare than its competitors. We are the only e-hailing app so far that accepts four-door hatchbacks and we assist divers and vehicle owners with obtaining the correct documents as well as permits. Scoop a Cab is a 100% black-owned transportation company in South Africa. We believe that our high- tech service will satisfy the customer’s needs and make travelling around South Africa easy as well as create jobs for people in South Africa,” concluded Ncube.

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