Monday, July 22, 2024
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Samsung introduces new gaming monitors

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Samsung gaming monitor
Samsung introduces new HDR QLED gaming monitors.

Gaming is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and is worth over $21 billion. According to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the South African video games industry will grow its share of the market from R1.6 billion in 2010 to R3.6 billion by 2019 – As a result, gaming events are in abundance and gamers and enthusiast alike are busy preparing for upcoming premier events such as rAge Expo. Samsung has unveiled new CHG90 and CHG70 curved monitors, which feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture enhancement technology typically reserved for televisions.

“Gamers want to feel completely immersed in their favourite games and our new monitors provide the most striking visuals and realistic content to deliver the ultimate gaming experience, whether in the comfort of your home or within a competitive space,” said Mike van Lier, Director: Consumer Electronics, Samsung South Africa. “These QLED gaming monitors are the gateway to the future of gaming and we’re looking forward to building upon these game-changing technologies to further meet the needs of gamers, developers and partners in the coming years.”

A Vivid Gaming Environment
As revealed by Samsung, the QLED quantum dot technology delivers a new metalcore and supports approximately 125 percent of the sRGB colour spectrum and 95 percent of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI-P3) motion picture standard, to deliver an exceptionally wide colour range.

According to Samsung, its CHG90 sets the new visual standard for gaming displays by projecting a 32:9 aspect ratio and 3,840×1,080 double full HD (DFHD) resolution across a 49-inch screen. The CHG90 extends the playing field for gamers, with its broad design. The monitor delivers 1,800R curvature and an ultra-wide 178-degree viewing angle, maintaining content visibility from any location within a given space. As a result, gamers no longer have to worry about the logistics, expenses and central bezel interference that occur when combining multiple smaller monitors together for an expanded view.

As revealed by the firm, ideal for first-person shooting, racing, flight simulation and action-heavy games, the CHG90 aligns an accelerated refresh rate (144Hz) and 1ms motion picture response time (MPRT) with advanced, four-channel scanning technology to deter motion blur and produce a more consistent picture across the entire screen.

Gaming at the Next Level
The CHG90 and CHG70 feature AMD’s Radeon FreeSync technology. Radeon FreeSync supports a wide colour gamut to showcase HDR content with twice the perceivable brightness and colour than that offered by the sRGB standard. As a result, users can enjoy a plug-and-play HDR gaming experience without having to frequently readjust software or monitor settings.

“As Samsung South Africa, we are encouraged that the gaming industry in South Africa has slowly grown into a major contender and reached a tipping point with enough supporting infrastructure‚ sponsors and tournaments to create full-time gamers. The HDR QLED Gaming Monitors are but another ‘World First’ by us in a quest for innovating technologies, products and designs that enrich people’s lives.”

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