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South Africa: Fake or Real? Twitter Reacts To “Racist” MiWay Email

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MiWay is at the center of the latest race scandal to play out online. (Image Source: dalmationadvertising)

On Thursday afternoon social media across South Africa was kicked into overdrive as an email  riddled with racist language which appeared to implicate insurance company, MiWay, surfaced on Twitter.

The email which was apparently written by a MiWay claims assessor read; “This is a reminder of yesterday’s manager’s meeting. The final decisions was to reject 90% of claims made by black people as from 1 August 2017. They are an easy target, it’s also a great opportunity to save money and also punish these black baboons.”

The insurance company immediately responded to the claims in an attempt to get out in front of the scandal and minimise the fallout. According to MiWay the email is fake and was created by a disgruntled customer.

MiWay’s response to the email:

MiWay CEO René Otto said “this is vicious and we (are) quite angry about what’s happened here. We’ve already done a lot of work in the last two or three hours to trace back where it originates from, and it seems at this stage that it’s a disgruntled client whose claim was rejected. The client then approached the ombudsman to complain about the decision and the ombudsman ruled in our favour and agreed with our decision. And the next thing that happened was this email that surfaced.

“We will get to the bottom of it. We will get independent forensic experts to verify what we’ve uncovered and we will take the necessary steps, both criminal and civil,” Otto said.

With this debacle occurring just months after Outsurance was slated for a “racist” fathers day video, thousands took to Twitter to debate the validity of the email and express their anger at the insurance company and the industry as a whole.

Here are some of the responses:

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