Nigerian Banks urged to undergo digital transformation

The banks will become the processing engine while the customer ownership sits with the start-up and the innovator.
Nigerian banks have been urged by Cisco and Signal Alliance to undergo digital transformation.
Nigerian banks have been urged by Cisco and Signal Alliance to undergo digital transformation.

Nigerian banks were recently met with Signal Alliance and Cisco. In the meeting the two companies showcased just how the banks can improve their operations and security to be  more efficient without spending above their budget.

Speaking at the Signal Alliance-Cisco business engagement session, Adegbola Adesina, Signal Alliance Director of Service Delivery said, “more companies continue to embrace mobility, cloud, analytics, and increase in custom built application on low bandwidth, consuming applications to digitize their businesses. These have made IT teams to struggle in their bid to keep up with the ever-increasing complexity of the network, sophistication of security attacks and growing end user’s expectations”.

This according to Adesina has led many organizations to spend huge sums of money acquiring new devices all in the name of upgrade which may not be necessary.

The Signal Alliance Digital Transformation event was well attended by leading banks in Nigeria. The bankers were shown by experts how their organizations can make do with what they already have, cut down on their IT spend and grow their services in a more secure environment to gain competitive advantage through process digitization.

The three presentations were made by industry experts. Yinka Adeosun of Signal Alliance spoke on Digital Network Transformation, Tomi Amao of Cisco demonstrated the new Cisco Security Integrated Architecture, while Kaecy Udumukwu presentation was on Digital Business Transformation.

During the presentations, participants were made to know that Cisco had realized that traditional networks simply could not scale to meet the increasing demands of the digital business. For this reason, a new network was needed for the digital business. A new network for the digital era. A network designed from the ground up to be flexible, programmable and open; while leveraging on and protecting existing investment.


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