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Class-C IP explained and valuable benefits to reap from SEO hosting plans

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Websites always need to fortify their SEO plans to maintain visibility and brand awareness. They also need to consider SEO web hosting plans, which are based on both traditional and modern techniques needed for website optimization, driving traffic , and will lead to more sales conversion.

What is an SEO web hosting plan?
Also called Multiple C-class IP hosting, this hosting solution is designed to help online marketers and SEO specialists. Traditional web hosting cannot defend your company’s multiple website networks from being crawled and punished by search engines and this is where SEO web hosting leverages.

SEO hosting techniques are applied to avert Google bots from identifying your mini sites cross-links, blog farms or all links direct to a ‘money’ site. A good web host ensures that their platform and services provide SEO-friendly services to rank well on Google search results.

What is Class-C IP?
Each computer connects to the internet with a unique IP address that resembles these numbers  – 66.54.321.72

There are four sets of numbers, which are separated by dots – first set – 66 – ‘A’ class, second set – 54- ‘B’ class, third set – 321 – ‘C’ class and the fourth set – 72 – ‘D’ class – within a data center servers installed. These host all the websites on the same C-class, IP address. Their IP address may look like – 66.54.321.72 or 66.54.321.69.

Search engine bots are programmed to be familiar with this but when they recognize that related sites cross link one another from the same IP address. They filter these out, while ranking if your website has plenty of such cross links, then you are not on Google’s best side.

SEO web hosting plan helps companies by using different class-C IPs to conceal blog farms or cross link networking. Remember, Google can see your domains contact information, so be careful.

Features of SEO hosting plan
Manage all your IPs using user-friendly cPanel, network tools, email accounts, FTP, daily web traffic reports, and regular backup. Features can differ from one provider to another but the given ones are common.

Benefits of SEO web hosting package
Businesses with network of more than 20 websites will find SEO hosting technique very valuable.

Exclusive class-C IPs
You can manage different IP addresses for multiple websites from one account. When multiple websites hosted on the same IP address get interlinked, which can get detected by search engines, SEO hosting technique helps to eliminate this risk. SEO hosts your websites on different class-C IPs.

Economical than the traditional way
SEO web hosting package is more affordable than traditional way, which includes hosting each website with different web hosts.

Targeting GEO location
The best SEO hosting solution is to target the local and international market. You can host your multiple websites on a server to target a market in and around your location or a specific geographic region. IP-based GEO location aspect will help you boost search engine rankings, enormously.

Name servers for each website
Before signing, you can employ exclusive name servers for each websites. It is essential to maintain the independency of all your websites to ensure that all your footprints of interlinking gets covered and you are safe from getting banned by Google.

Professional services
SEO hosting package allows you to obtain 24/7 help from experienced SEO experts, qualified technicians, and active customer services.
Using the services of SEO-friendly host does not mean you are trying to ‘play’ search engines. It means you build a website, which is friendly and even helps to rank better on search engines through better load time, add unique Meta tags and anchor texts, different C-class IPs for each website, and more.

Guy Sheetrit, Owner of Top SEO Web Design.
Guy Sheetrit, Owner of Over the Top SEO, a web design, reputation management and SEO company.

By Guy Sheetrit

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